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In tour news, today I am hanging out with Kerry Allen talking about how you totally judge a book by its cover and it better be a good one.

Yesterday was an epic fail on the writing front.  I did everything under the sun but write.  On the upside, my house is gleaming and after this morning’s work, an entire huge truckbed of mulch has been spread, landscape fabric put down, and weeds are HOPEFULLY conquered.  We look like respectable, weed-free people and the Ugly Bed is no longer quite so ugly.  Short of just reading for fun, there is absolutely nothing left that I can do to procrastinate.  Which means I might actually be ready to sit down and work.

As of this morning I have sold 70 total copies of Forsaken By Shadow through assorted channels.  Well, actually I know I’ve sold some on Barnes and Noble, but I don’t know how many, so those aren’t included.  I have officially sold as many this month as I did total last month, so whatever I sell in the next 9 days is an increase over last month.  When I don’t feel like I’m going to keel over and sleep, I’ll actually calculate percentage increase–because I am a geek like that.  I’m up to 13 reviews on Amazon.  Still need 7 more, people.  Don’t forget you can get a FREE review copy and be entered into a contest to win a $10 Amazon gift card if you’ll take the time to leave me a review!

I was going over my ten year plan with my Pot yesterday.  What?  I’m obsessively organized.  Of course I have a ten year plan.  She was amused to note that New York wasn’t in it.  I’m not averse to traditional publishing if they made me a good offer, but just now, it’s less stressful on me (what with all the jobs that would make deadlines difficult to meet), to do the indie thing.  Plus I feel like it will allow me to build a really solid grassroots following.  If all goes according to plan, within 5 years, I should be making enough off my work to be down to ONE full time job and the writing.  ONE JOB!  Imagine that!  And by the time I’m 40, I fully expect to be able to go ppppppppbbbbbbtttttttttt at my mother, who said I couldn’t make a living as a writer.  I know, so mature that this is one of my major goals in life.  At least I’m honest.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I reread Forsaken by Shadow and keep meaning to tell you how much I like the male hero mostly because he is not a douche bag. He is not self centered or uncaring and had not done something unforgiving to the heroine. It was a refreshing change to some romance novels I’ve read lately. The hero does not have to break a heart in order for us to love/hate him.


    1. He’s coming, I promise. 😀 He’s referenced in book 2 and will actually be showing up…well, I don’t know yet because I’m not quite sure how things unfold AFTER book 2. But he is coming!

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