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In touring news, I’m not sure what happened to yesterday’s post on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I suspect computer gremlins and will let you know when I hear from my host.  Today, I’m talking making confessions as a total reading spaz over on at Crystal Posey’s place.

In more prosaic, personal news, something totally awesome happened yesterday.  SOMEBODY ELSE CUT MY GRASS.  My totally fabulous mother in law finally found a yard service willing to push-mow (the big zero turn things that most companies use won’t fit through our fence).  I almost wept I was so happy.  Deep is my loathing of mowing the grass…  Now I just need to find the time and energy to finish weeding all the flower beds, laying down landscape fabric, and remulching EVERYTHING.  Maybe next weekend.

In any event, I wound up with a bit of time and brainpower to think about Revelation yesterday.  I have good news and bad news for readers.  I’ll give you the bad news first.  There is no possible way on earth that this story will be finished and ready to put out in July or August as I had originally planned.  To those of you readers who have been and will be eagerly awaiting the sequel to Forsaken By Shadow, I absolutely apologize, but life is kicking my ass, and I’d rather give you a quality read than something sub par because I rushed.  Now for the good news.  The biggest reason (other than said life ass kickage) that Revelation isn’t going to be out at the end of summer is because–well, it’s turned into a full length novel rather than a novella.  So for those of you who wanted a bigger taste of the Mirus world, you’re gonna get it in spades.  The plot is finally falling into place and it’s turned out a lot more complicated than I originally anticipated, which actually pleases me quite a bit.

On the sales front, things were quiet most of last week, with one or two sales on Monday, then nothing until Friday.  But I’ve sold 7 copies since Friday (as of the time of this writing), which leads me to believe that last weekend’s sales sucked because it was Mother’s Day and folks were spending time with their moms.  Note to self: Try to avoid major holidays for a tour month.  So we’re up to 16 copies total this month, which translates into 1 a day.  57 copies sold since the book was released the last week of March.  I’ve made $22.99 in profits and can now order a pizza :D.  I know this all sounds very small potatoes, but it’s exciting and a lot of fun to try out different forms of promo to see what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve adjusted my product description on Amazon to include some reviews and an excerpt from the book itself, and that’s gone live, so we’ll see if it has any impact on sales.   It takes time to really build a following, so for not even 2 months out yet, I’m actually quite pleased.  The reviews have all been excellent, the response positive.  Eventually it will pick up momentum.

A few reminders:

  • In case you didn’t know, Forsaken By Shadow is now available at Barnes and Noble.
  • The blog contest for a $10 Amazon gift card is still on going.  Don’t forget to come back to the blog (preferably that post) to comment and link me to all your entries so I have an accurate tally.  We’re hanging out at 9 reviews so far–11 to go!

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