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So I have already talked about the importance of getting to twenty reviews on Amazon.  I’m sitting at 7 reviews so far.  I have certainly sold more than enough copies on Amazon to get a full 20 reviews, it’s just a matter of motivating folks to a) actually get around to reading Forsaken By Shadow (hey if you’re like me, you buy stuff and take forever to get to it), and b) go the extra mile to come back to Amazon and review it.  So, for the remainder of the Month of May (or until I get to twenty if it takes longer than May), I am offering up a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

The Rules:

  • You must post a review on Amazon.  Note, I am not saying that this has to be a GOOD review.  Obviously I would prefer a good review, but good, bad, whatever, all stands the same shot in the drawing.  You can’t fault me for banking on the fact that the people who enjoyed Forsaken By Shadow will be more motivated to act.
  • You must come back to this post and leave a comment linking me to your review.  This earns you one entry in the drawing.
  • Tweeting about the contest in addition to your review earns you another entry into the drawing.  Link me to your tweet in comments as well.
  • Making a post on your blog pimping the book and contest, in addition to your review, will earn you two additional entries into the drawing.  Link me to that post in your comment.
  • Do me a favor and tally up your number of entries in your comment while you’re there so I don’t miss any.

So you have the opportunity to get your name in the hat up to FOUR times.  So spread the word!  Go forth and notify!

6 thoughts on “Blog Contest!

    1. Well, it doesn’t seem fair to give you an entry for reviews written because you love me :D, but you can earn entries with the tweeting, posting, spreading the word portion of the contest.

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