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Today I’m at The Variety Pages with Jamie DeBree!  I’m talking about Overcoming Page Fright.  Pop over and say hi!

So we’re well into the first week of my blog tour.  Sales are moving along…about as they were before.  It’s early yet, so I’m not surprised.  Anyway, while I was hanging out on Twitter last night, somebody posted a link to this post on Why Your Review Matters on Amazon.  I hadn’t actually thought about a lot of this but it’s SO IMPORTANT, especially for new authors (be they indie or traditional).

Here’s the part I found most interesting:

One of the biggest helpers in starting things going is Amazon reviews. When an author gets at least 20 reviews for their book on the site, Amazon starts actively recommending that book to people. And the page gets seen more. And this isn’t just a benefit that dries up. The more reviews you have, the more you get recommended.

I could really use that kind of recommendation, folks.  Since Forsaken By Shadow mostly doesn’t have a lot of the usual suspects in terms of paranormal critters (vamps, werewolves, and the like), it’s not actually as visible as it would otherwise be based on search terms.  I’ve added as many terms as I can, but every little bit helps.

So I’d like to make a request that if you read Forsaken By Shadow and enjoyed it, please swing by Amazon and review it.  Thank you!

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