The Etiquette of Talking To Writers

As writers, we are often viewed by “normal” (read: non-creative types) as strange and exotic creatures, something in a zoo to be studied, fascinated.  People ask us all kinds of questions.  I am always split on how I feel about these questions.  If I’m being asked about my work, the world I created, the characters, […]

Recordkeeping and Sales

I feel like I should have a feather duster tucked behind my ear and an adding machine at my fingertips.  It’s a virtual housekeeping/record updating kinda day.  The latest quarter (ish) numbers have come in from distributors at Smashwords, so I’ve been performing mental gymnastics to sort their spreadsheet (which provides data going back to […]

On Sales: House (Not) and Books

So I didn’t sell my house on Friday the 13th.  Between the burned cookies, the unfortuitous date, and the fact that the people who came for the first showing of the day tracked dog poo all over the house (thankfully hubs came home to shower before the Open House and had time to REDO the […]

State of Sales

So the first quarter of 2011 has ended.  I am pleased to report that I exceeded, in 3 months, both number of copies and actual profits made in all of 2010.  Woo!  Grand total, I’ve sold over 6,500 ebooks since this time last year.  That’s pretty exciting for my first year’s progress! I did a […]

A Tome About Promo for Indie Authors: Part 2-The Freebie

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about The Blog Tour. Costs you nothing but time and helps build some recognition for your name.  Today I want to shift gears and talk about something else that costs you nothing–the freebie. Now when I say freebie, I mean a couple of different things.  A freebie, […]

1,000 Ebooks This Month! Almost…

For anybody who follows Joe Konrath’s blog, you’ll know that the figure that keeps being batted around as a yardstick for indie authors selling well is those who are selling 1,000 books or more a month. Well…as of this writing, I am at 988 1000+ copies for January! Unless sales just, you know, STOP today, […]

Sunday Summary

First off, I needed to share the exciting news that I’ve crossed over 3,000 copies sold for Forsaken By Shadow. For most traditionally published work, that would be considered an excellent run, and I am still selling steadily, though Devil’s Eye has jumped ahead of it in ranking on Amazon. Speaking of Devil’s Eye, you […]

On Bloglines and Realistic Expectations

First, I have to do a little dance ’round the office boogie because I just found out that MerchantCircle has made some kind of deal with and Bloglines isn’t going away.  I will spare you from the sonnet of love I would like to write to Bloglines, oh thy beautiful feed reader with fantastic […]

Sunday Summary

Insomnia is not an affliction from which I suffer often.  That’s more my husband’s territory.  He goes in cycles.   It hits me  maybe once  year.  I just broke such a 5 day streak, sleeping (without any sleep aid) for 11 hours last night.  Finally.  Thank God.  Hard to get well from an illness when you’re […]

A Sick Day

I started feeling kind of weird at work yesterday, staying absolutely freezing even though it was 70 degrees and I was wearing TWO sweaters, one of them wool.  Felt worse by bed, and still felt cruddy this morning, so I took a sick day and went back to bed so that my body can fight […]