A Sick Day

I started feeling kind of weird at work yesterday, staying absolutely freezing even though it was 70 degrees and I was wearing TWO sweaters, one of them wool.  Felt worse by bed, and still felt cruddy this morning, so I took a sick day and went back to bed so that my body can fight off whatever is trying to knock me on my butt before it actually does the knocking.  I do not have time to be truly sick.  So I am playing couch jockey today, drinking vast quantities of tea, and joyfully diving into Claire LeGrand’s MG novel that I am beta reading (it is awesome; you have my permission to be jealous).

In a freak turn of events last night, from the time I got home until bed, I sold several copies of Forsaken By Shadow on Barnes and Noble and shot from a ranking around 21k up to 747.  This morning I am back to 14k.  So no idea what that’s about, but it was a nice boost.  Barnes and Noble’s Pubit! system is a huge enigma.  NONE of the things that I did on Amazon are working with the same or similar results over here.  Other folks are doing astonishingly well and nobody can figure out what’s driving any of it.  We’re all perplexed.  So we’ll muddle along and keep trying stuff and see if we can figure it out.  One thing that is absolutely helping several folks is, no shock, having multiple titles.

Speaking of, I sent Devil’s Eye to the Pink Hammer of Doom (aka Pot) last night.  I quake in fear at the Pink Hammer of Doom the same way normal people quake at the thought of a surgeon’s knife.  But she’s very very good with it and has never, to my memory, been wrong with her suggestions.  So I know that whatever she sends back will be things that will make Devil’s Eye something worthy of your consumption.  Once that’s back, and those revisions are taken care of, then it goes out to beta readers!  I’ve got my grammar Nazi, my New Orleans specialist (the story is set in New Orleans), and someone wholly new to the Mirus world this go round.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls is calling.

9 thoughts on “A Sick Day

  1. I’m pretty aggravated at PubIt. Both the PubIt version and Smashwords version is still there of all my books, and they took the Smashword synopsis and put on the PubIt version, even though there’s clearly a longer version on my titles page that was uploaded. Freaky.

  2. So sorry you’re not feeling well, Kait. I hope the day of rest & reading helps. 🙂

    Congrats on the sales! Based on what you’re all saying here, I think I’ll go opt my book out of B&N on Smashwords now… since it’s clearly going to take them awhile to remove it, may as well start the process (haven’t sold any that way anyway). I’m planning on uploading directly to Pubit towards the end of next week – I’m sure they’ll still confuse the two, but maybe for less time? We’ll see.

    1. Oh, goodness no. I’d feel like dog poo if it were the flu. It’s just a general coming down with something malaise. It’s been a nice low key day.

  3. Hi Kait…sorry you’re feeling lousy but when you’re up to it & have time, could you tell us what worked (and didn’t work) for you at Amazon. I’m about to put my backlist on Amazon & would love some info about how to promote it. Thanks

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