Sunday Summary

  1. First off, I needed to share the exciting news that I’ve crossed over 3,000 copies sold for Forsaken By Shadow. For most traditionally published work, that would be considered an excellent run, and I am still selling steadily, though Devil’s Eye has jumped ahead of it in ranking on Amazon.
  2. Speaking of Devil’s Eye, you can get your copy for FREE just by signing up for my newsletter.
  3. And now for the #ROW80 check-in! My goal, if you will recall, is to write 750 words a day.  I am happy to report I’ve written 4924 words since Monday, which averages out to 820 words a day (over 6 days…I am not counting today yet, as I haven’t written yet). I did not write on Tuesday due to the Annual Retreat for work.  And I didn’t end up writing yesterday due to a massive and still as yet unexplained breakout of hives–like head to toe HIVES.  I have never had food allergies before.  Other than the quinoa I tried this week, I’ve eaten nothing out of the ordinary, but from what I’ve read, if it’s a food allergy it should show up in minutes to an hour, not a day or two after the food is ingested.  Which sort of suggests the Mexican we had for dinner last night–all of which I have eaten many many times before.  It’s a mystery.  Anyway, they’re mostly cleared up today, so without the itching, I hope to be able to get in some writing this morning before my spouse rises.  I should have a while.  He was up until ludicrous hours, taking deserted pictures of downtown at 3 in the morning.
  4. Barnes and Noble’s sales reporting for Pubit is all kinda mucked up They keep “finding” sales for December (the report has changed at least 4 times since the end of the year), and they do not accurately manage to show “Today’s sales” or “Yesterday’s sales”.  I sincerely hope they get these kinks worked out soon, as I would like to know exactly what I’m selling over there.  This kind of wonkiness does NOT inspire confidence.
  5. Either way, Forsaken By Shadow, is holding steady in rankings over there, and Devil’s Eye is slowly moving up.
  6. Today we are FINALLY taking down the Christmas tree. I am looking forward to getting it all cleaned up.  The house is a wreck.  Thankfully, I got out of tree duty at my mom’s, which saves me some time and trouble.
  7. I’ve just started the kettle again. It’s a two cup morning, for sure.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Excellent progress, Kait 🙂

    I hope all of the itching eases soon <–which sounds really odd, but I hope you know what I mean! lol And huge congrats on the sales.

  2. Congratulations on the sales and the word count! Wonderful news on both fronts!

    Re: the hives… Yuck! Maybe it was a viral thing. Sometimes when my kids get a virus, they break out in hives. I had food allergies as a kid, and normally hives did follow the ingestion of the offending food within an hour or two. But I was told back then that the allergen can build up, so if you develop an allergy slowly and reach a tipping point, you could eat the food and then break out after it’s built up for a while. I don’t know if that’s true, but it did seem that sometimes I could eat the food I was allergic to and be fine and other times I couldn’t. Allergies are weird… Glad you feel better!


  3. I’m salivating for Red. I think you’ve made wonderful progress in spite of Life throwing you for a loop. *hugs* Hope you feel better (and less bumpy) real soon.

  4. I am glad other people are mentioning B&N’s sales count. They “found” some of my sales for December as well. But at least they are adding and not taking away 🙂

  5. Nice job on meeting your goals! GOOO YOU!
    I’m glad you mentioned Pubit being weird because it is for me too and I was starting to think I was the only one. How many have I sold? Who the hell knows? Lovely.
    Re: hives-have you changed your laundry detergent lately? Or could it be stress? 🙂 I also had a hive breakout on my neck and face this week and I had changed my detergent and also suffered from stress. Ha!

  6. I know I’m obsessive about numbers, but I’d love to know more about what’s considered “good” or “average” in traditional publishing. It’s always seemed to so hard to me to find information about sales, royalties, advances, etc.

    I did my part and stripped my tree, but it hasn’t managed to leave my house yet. I guess I’ll have to do that myself.

  7. You’re making me itch! LOL. Glad that’s better. Congrats on your great sales numbers and rankings! You’re doing so well!

    Yes, PubIt is massive fail right now. My sales rank is #294 right now, but I’m showing no sales at all for the past two days. This does not compute. One of those figures has to be wrong. And I had the December sales trickling in, too.

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