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For my previous release, Forsaken By Shadow, I did a huge review copy giveaway to garner honest reviews across assorted retailers, to start building a reputation as an author who puts out a respectable product.  Y’all were hugely instrumental in helping me achieve that goal such that the launch of Devil’s Eye–which has been so soft it can hardly be termed a launch because I don’t think I’ve done more than a handful of tweets about it, mostly to say “Hey it’s up on X website now!”–has gone marvelously well.  In the first 9 days it was available (the tail end of December), I sold as many copies as I sold of FBS in the first three months.  As of last night, Devil’s Eye has hopscotched over Forsaken By Shadow in Amazon rankings and continues to climb.  That’s pretty exciting.  😀

I’m not doing a review copy giveaway of Devil’s Eye, mostly because the reviews are coming in anyway, and they’ve largely been quite favorable.  But I did want to give the bargain lovers among you a chance to snag it for free anyway.

Newsletters are a huge part of successful marketing and it’s an area I’ve largely neglected in the last year.  As I’d REALLY like to have more than 14 people to email when Red is ready for release, I figured I better get on that.  So to make it worth your while, I am  giving away a copy to anyone who signs up for my newsletter!

See the link to “Newsletter” in my menu bar up there?  It’s on the right.  All you need do is click on that, fill out the form, and submit!  I’ll be sending you a coupon code for Smashwords, where you can download formats compatible with every known e-reader, multiple smartphone reading apps, or just download to your computer.

Reviews are not required, though if you’re so moved, they’re always much appreciated.

**This promotion has now ended.**

5 thoughts on “Get Devil’s Eye For FREE!

  1. Thank-you for the kind offer of a free copy of Devil’s Eye! It looks as if it will be a really good read. I’ll add it to my Goodreads reading list. Best wishes for now and a very Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the free read cant wait to get the coupon for it sounds very interesting so I signed up for it. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the free read. I love using coupons at Smashwords. I can hardly wait to get the one for Devil’s Eye.

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