A Little of This, A Little of That

Hear ye, hear ye!  It is Tuesday and I am wearing the first toe socks of the season! They have penguins on them and red toes.  How fun is that?  Add to that the infinite bonus of wiggling them at my husband, who is supremely freaked out by toe socks, and you have the beginnings […]

Sunday Summary

I’m hoping to finish Round 2 of the Great Cabinet Redo today. Yesterday we got the inside cabinet boxes finished and 2 coats of paint on the backs of the doors and the island.  Today I need to do some sanding to the island (it got kinda drippy because the paint was drying too fast […]

Sunday Summary

It’s Sunday morning and I am supposed to be blitz cleaning my house for my mother’s impending arrival.  Instead I am sitting on the sofa having a lovely cuppa tea and chatting with Pot. Yesterday was date day with hubby.  I woke up in a fantastic mood, the weather was gorgeous, and we just generally […]

Sunday Summary

So Dorchester is apparently 86ing their paperback line in favor of POD and ebooks.  It’s not like they had a huge choice in the matter since they were, as I understand it, on the verge of bankruptcy.  Apparently Medallion did the same thing a few months ago, and I missed it.  The authors who have […]

Sunday Summary

I’m not sure how many copies I sold in July, but I did pass 1,000 copies sold, so that was really exciting. I’ll update on that around the 15th when Amazon generates the final sales numbers for July.  Thanks Lauralynn for pointing out that the monthly totals were there.  I sold 406 copies this month. […]

Contemplating the Drastic

I need an intervention.  Probably. Once Amazon discounted Forsaken By Shadow back to $1 over the weekend, I really expected my sales ranking to climb back up into the 1k range and hang out there for a while.  And it did make it up into the low 1ks by Sunday afternoon.  By this morning I’m […]

The Nail-biting Wait

My $1.99 price point went into effect on Amazon on Wednesday.  I have since watched my numbers (which have been hanging out in the 1,000s range with occasional dips into the 2000s) slip more steadily into the 2,000s.  I’ve even periodically fallen off of the 3 assorted category lists I’ve been occupying steadily since June.  […]

State of Sales Report

Let’s review where we were this time last month, shall we?  At the end of my 31 day May blog tour, I had sold 100 total copies since March 25.  I had a high ranking in the 3k range after hanging out just under 10k most of the month, a 48% conversion rate, and I […]

Sunday Summary

I received my first truly awful review.  It’s over at Barnes and Noble.  One star.  Critical of story, voice, believability, the whole shebang.  It seemed pretty obvious that whoever this person was (who naturally hid behind Anonymous) not at all familiar with the paranormal genre and didn’t actually want to read a story geared that […]

Paring Down?

When I started this blog back in 2007 I was freshly graduated with my Master’s degree, working two part-time jobs, writing like a demon, and just starting a relationship with my current crit partner.  In July of that year I traded one of the part-time jobs for my current full-time job, so that I was […]