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Let’s review where we were this time last month, shall we?  At the end of my 31 day May blog tour, I had sold 100 total copies since March 25.  I had a high ranking in the 3k range after hanging out just under 10k most of the month, a 48% conversion rate, and I was up to 16 reviews on Amazon.  I was really excited about all that and felt like I was making good progress.

Let’s talk about this month.

  • I have sold a total of 641 copies (give or take a few as Amazon decided to convert to a weekly reporting format instead of monthly and it’s mucked up my recordkeeping) for a growth rate of 815.61%. That’s 541 copies in the month of June alone.
  • I am up to 20 reviews. Though I expected to see a huge jump in sales I can’t say that I did because of this specifically.  It was more an explosion at the first of the month and then a steady rise from there.
  • My high ranking for the month was 525 (though that seems to have leveled off.

  • I not only broke into the category lists (the ones you see above), I made it up to #10 in Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost for both Books and Kindle Store.  Check out my neighbor.

  • I’ve broken the $200 mark in sales.

All in all, a month worth celebrating.  Woo!!!

Now do I expect this trend to continue?  No.  I think I’ve probably hit my peak and sales will level off to maintain a ranking probably more average in the 1000s for a while.  I’ll probably sell about as many copies next month as I did this month.  Maybe a few more, maybe a few less.  I think I’ll probably hang out and plateau for a while.  I could be wrong–I certainly haven’t got a great grasp of everything that’s driving all my sales.  I know Zoe’s plug is doing me a lot of good because as her sales took off, so did mine.  I’ve also been growing my Twitter following, so maybe some of the new folks are checking my book out.

Either way, I am very, very satisfied and excited with this rate of success.  I’ve been very fortunate, and I think that it will give me a good foundation of people who will come back and read whatever I release next (which is up in the air now, but more about that tomorrow).  I plan to release an updated copy of FBS with review snippets in the front matter and more details about where I can be found in the back.  Maybe it’ll get me going on my newsletter subscriptions.  One way or another, I brand this adventure a personal success.

11 thoughts on “State of Sales Report

  1. Way to go, Kait! You’re doing great.

    I think actually just commenting on Zoe’s blog must have helped me. I’ve noticed that people that buy my books also buy yours and hers. It all seems connected somehow. LOL.

    I think you’ll see even more success when you put something else out there. Keep doing what you love and it will pay off big time.

  2. Great stats! Oh, and by the way… I was wrong about something. (Yes, Zoe was wrong. I know this is shocking and totally impossible. But bizarre stuff sometimes happens. 😛 )

    Apparently Amazon’s weekly tracking IS for the actual FULL week, bleeding over into the neighboring months. So my money was for June, plus the last two days in May. 🙁

    I won’t know my exact totals for this month until July 4th or 5th.

    But a lot of people have complained on the DTP boards, and a DTPadmin has said they are taking all these complaints into consideration and working to improve the system. So even if they keep this weekly tracking system, I assume that they will also add month-to-date totals back in so we have the kind of tracking we did have.

    I just don’t know why they had to do it on the last day of the month… especially the month when I was selling so well. I hate my money just hanging out there in the aether and me not having a clue about it.

    But then I realize DTP does not revolve around the Zoe.

    1. Based on the sales and money I was keeping up with, it doesn’t look like the last two days in May were counted. Although, they are counting it that way in June/July. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out when the June report comes out. Bleh!

        1. It’d be one thing if they changed at the beginning of a new YEAR but to change not only mid year, but not at the actual start of a month is poor form.

  3. Oh and also, I expect my sales to level off a bit too or dip some until my next big marketing push/print release and then Save My Soul release.

  4. I am very proud of you, Kait. I think you did a great job and it was due to your tireless efforts.

    I’ve been learning at your knee as well. (It’s possible. I’m kinda short.) 🙂 So I thank you for reporting as you go.

    And now I’m off to find out who Zoe Winters is.

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