Sunday Summary

  1. It’s Sunday morning and I am supposed to be blitz cleaning my house for my mother’s impending arrival.  Instead I am sitting on the sofa having a lovely cuppa tea and chatting with Pot.
  2. Yesterday was date day with hubby.  I woke up in a fantastic mood, the weather was gorgeous, and we just generally had a great day.  So many people commented on my good mood, it makes me wonder if everyone thinks I’m a curmudgeon the rest of the time.
  3. We did formal head shots.  There were several good ones, but these were my favorites.  The first one is the one I picked for everything–cropped square of course.

  4. For the record, Letters To Juliet is one of the most adorable romances I’ve watched in AGES.  LOVED.  Even hubby loved it.  Of course now I desperately want to go to Tuscany again.  We’re definitely gonna buy that one as a keeper.
  5. So August sales were interesting.  They were down 28% in terms of numbers of overall copies sold compared to July, but because I’m in this weird middle ground of having my price set at $1.99 and Amazon discounting it to $1.00 (because Barnes and Noble takes approximately 42 light years to update stuff via Smashwords), I’m earning 35% royalties on the total $1.99.  So my profits were actually up by almost 16% and I had my best sales month money wise, ever.
  6. The profits for June came in and were immediately reinvested in the audio version of Forsaken By Shadow.  I’m hoping that will be finished and available through assorted retail outlets by October.  I’m very excited about it, and will tell you more about my experience with Perfect Voices once I have a final product.
  7. Devil’s Eye is being set aside for now and I’m deep into the plotting of Red.
  8. And now Mom is trying to come early, so must do blitz clean like NOW!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Nice shots, love the pup as you both look so happy out in the bright sunshine….

    You do not come across as a curmudgeon Kait, just stressed out from trying to get too many things done at one time!

    Have a good one!

    jackie ^_^

  2. Oh, great. You have to be cute too?

    LOL. They’re great pictures. I’m partial to the doggie one, but that’s just me. Any of them will work.

    Your hubby is a good photographer.

  3. Yeah my reaction to seeing the whole series was “Am I really THAT PALE?” Apart from the very blatant evidence that I never see the sun, I was really happy with how they came out. There’s another one that I actually really like where I was getting to a really tension ridden part of the book and I’m looking very concerned…

    1. LOL, thank you. Hubby wonders why I hate being in pictures so much. It’s because MOST of the time, I do NOT have ample notice to do my makeup, fix my hair, pick flattering outfit, get ample sleep, and have perfect lighting. These things totally help 😀

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