10 Ways You Know A Story Was Written By Me

This fine Labor Day morning I have been out, well, laboring in the yard.  I have mowed, edged, weedeated, and blown off the driveway, steps, and sidewalk.  I haz a serious tired now and something of a lack of inspiration for what to post.  But never fear!  Providence provided something!

I got this meme from my dear crit partner Susan Bischoff, author of the ever fabulous Hush Money, which, if you haven’t read it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  Hie the to your virtual bookstore!

The Meme goes as follows:

Fellow authors, spread the meme:

1. Write a blog post about ten ways you know a story was written by you.

2. Then comment on this post with the link to your post!

2a. Or just write your answers as comments, below. But that’s less fun.

Like chain mail, but with blog posts. Easy as that.

So, 10 ways you’ll know I wrote it:

  1. If the heroine doesn’t kick ass from the very start, she will by the end.
  2. The fight scenes are probably longer than the love scenes and considerably better executed.
  3. No matter how gruff he may appear, the hero almost always has some hidden need to caretake and protect
  4. The heroine almost always has a hard time accepting help due to her excessive need to prove herself independent.
  5. You will never see sparklay vampires or other overly common paranormal critters.
  6. Villains are never just plain evil and always have more complex motivations.
  7. Mom is often out of the picture via death, abandonment, or divorce.
  8. Chances are the hero and heroine were first love gone wrong and this story gives them a second chance.
  9. Following on the heels of 8, there was often a terrible misinterpretation or misunderstanding involved the first time.
  10. There is frequently a pervasive theme of trust.

3 thoughts on “10 Ways You Know A Story Was Written By Me

  1. Woo to #5!

    #7 – interesting. A lot of my stories involve family issues as well. Not always the mother, but often one or both parents are distant / not there.

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