Sunday Summary

  1. I’m hoping to finish Round 2 of the Great Cabinet Redo today. Yesterday we got the inside cabinet boxes finished and 2 coats of paint on the backs of the doors and the island.  Today I need to do some sanding to the island (it got kinda drippy because the paint was drying too fast in the sun), get 3 coats of paint on the fronts, paint the hinges (yes paint…I have old, creepy homemade cabinets and this kind of hinge no longer exists, so this is the 3rd time I’ve spray painted them.  We work with what we have), and do touch up paint.  By bed tonight, I hope to have the kitchen reassembled.  Please God.
  2. Mississippi State beat Kentucky last night.  Go Dawgs! I know nobody outside the SEC cares.
  3. We aren’t QUITE at the end of the month yet, but even with all the freebies I’ve given away for reviews this month, I think I will have around the same number sold as last month, so perhaps I’ve hit my steady level. Which is just under 300 copies across platforms, though predominantly Amazon.  Not huge, but for a no name novella and no other titles out yet, not bad either.  I should cross 2,000 total copies sold in the next couple of weeks, which makes me quite happy.
  4. I realized the other day that by the end of the year I will have done more than 50 guest posts and/or interviews. Somebody remind me of that come January when I’m whining that I didn’t accomplish much this year.
  5. I have 5 scenes left in Devil’s Eye. I very briefly entertained the insane notion of trying to get all of them done by today so that I could jump into Red tomorrow for the start of NaNo, but Friday I was a waste of creative space, and as previously mentioned the Great Cabinet Redo has sucked up all of my time, energy, and brains.  I do anticipate getting it finished by end of this coming week and out to betas.  I shall have to work to find non-NaNoing betas among my peeps who will actually have TIME to critique it.  Pot, sorry, you don’t get a choice.  It’s your job to do the first butchering before it goes to anybody else.
  6. Happy Halloween!

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