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Half of my kitchen is currently in my office.  All the counters are cleared, the cabinet doors removed, the fridge pulled out.  We are re-painting the kitchen cabinets.  I’ve been spackling and sanding, trying to help fill in gaps from splintered wood or cheap wood (these were very obviously homemade by someone without a great saw or particularly fabulous woodworking skills.  I could have done this the first time I painted them when we moved in 4 years ago, but I had always intended to get new doors.  Never did and opted not to spend the money this time, as we do not live in a high end area and our house is already the most updated one in the neighborhood.  So fresh coat of neutral beige paint–shaker beige to be precise–and I’m filling in what holes and smoothing what I can to make them look more uniform.

The first coat is on the cabinets themselves and I’ve just finished sanding all the doors down, so we’re pausing for a sandwich, then about to go put the first coat on the doors.  The sun is shining, so that should speed up the process, thank God.  Hubby wanted to wait, but the way things go with us, if I didn’t do it this weekend, it would rain every weekend between now and when we want to sell our house.

I’m ready to have it DONE and my kitchen reassembled.  It will be much cleaner.  I am still pondering the mysteries of HOW gunk manages to accrue on the cabinets above the dishwasher.  I’m convinced there are evil elves who are traipsing around spreading trails of…I don’t WANT to know what some of that sticky gunk was.  I’ve had a lot of OMG I was living with THAT?

Anyway that’s what I’m up to this fine Saturday.  What are you doing?

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. I wasn’t nearly as productive as you. I emptied my pantry floor to ceiling, and relined the shelves with those nubby grip liners. They look nice, but I’m not sure I like them yet. No more sliding cans along the shelf. 🙂

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