Ready, Set, NaNo!

It’s Monday and I totally need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  The good news, the cabinets look quite nice and my kitchen is put back together.  The bad news, I didn’t have time or brain power to even THINK about my WIP prior to this morning.  Because, not only is it Monday, but it’s November 1st, which means that it’s the official kick off day for National Novel Writing Month!  It also means that we have a hard frost around the corner and I’ll finally stop coughing, which is a yay of a whole other caliber.

I’m totally not following the NaNo rules and have no intention of submitting my final word count for “win”.  I’m using NaNo for the push, the motivation.  I should have Devil’s Eye (the first draft anyway) finished by the end of this week.  Then I’m diving in, hard core, to finish as many lectures as I can for next semester.  That was my NaNo project last year.  I wrote all the lectures for my Theories of Personality class (to the tune of 40k+ words of script).  The goal of November is to clear my plate so that when December 1st rolls around, I can dive headfirst into Red.

I already got a couple hundred words during my morning tea.  Shut up.  It’s Monday and I’m not a morning person.  200 is a lot when your brain isn’t working.   I’ll dive back in at lunch.

NaNo! NaNo! (Please tell me that somebody besides me gets this.)

15 thoughts on “Ready, Set, NaNo!

  1. On, on the other hand, am following the rules of NaNo. LOL. Hey, whatever it takes to get you motivated. And that’s what it’s all about anyway…motivation to just do it.

    And I definitely get that reference! :0) But, then, I’m much older than you….

  2. Hi, Kait!

    Good luck on NaNo! And I get the reference too and I’m younger than Lauralynn…heehee.

    By the way, I loved Forsaken by Shadow. Thanks to Lauralynn for telling me about it. Looking forward to your next book.

  3. I do, I get the reference! But just through pop culture knowledge. I’ve never watched the show.

    Good luck on your NaNo goals! And congrats on getting the kitchen done! 😀

  4. I’m probably of the Anya vintage. Watched the show when it aired originally. And also remember seeing Mork on Happy Days.

    I feel very smug about having written nearly 2K on the first day of Nano. Not with regards to anyone else, just a general self-satisfaction at the novelty of not having to quit on day 1.

      1. My boss just got here. She told me to get her some turkey. I said: what am I, your slave? She said, yeah, in the tone of duh. Oh snap, and there you are. And now we’re watching the Super Mario Super Show. Cyndi Lauper just walked in. Captain Lou Albano is missing. I can’t possibly writing anything now!!

  5. Im doing it for the first time too. I’ve got 4,485 words written. It flowed pretty well last night. A lot of dialogue in the second half.

    Oh yeah, I got the Nano Nano reference. Very clever. Now I gotta have a drink through my finger and sit on my head!


  6. Go Kait Go! I’ve gotten exactly the daily NaNo limit + 2 today – gosh, if I can keep that up over 30 days, that’ll be so exciting – either that or I can take more days off work and get twice that number. Ahh… vacation days…

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