Memorial Day Write Off

Yawn.  It’s Saturday morning.  I was up at 6:30 to take hubby to work, but I came home and went back to sleep.  Had a lovely morning snuggle with the dogs and now I’m up enjoying a lovely cuppa tea and waiting for my brain to kick in gear.

Before I forget, my tour stop for today is the awesome Pia of Staking the Muse.  It’s a combination review and interview.  Don’t miss it!  Also, don’t forget you can still get a FREE REVIEW COPY of Forsaken By Shadow.

So it’s Memorial Day weekend.  Hubby has to work, so for the next three days, my focus is on WRITING.  I am 3,300 words away from meeting my MayNoWriMo goal.  There are also the usual weekend chores like laundry, cleaning house, and paying bills, but those won’t take too long.  I am determined I’m going to pull this off.

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