The Popularity of E

To my fabulous horde, who’ve been following me on my tour and commenting, thank you.  I am hanging with Joely Sue Burkhart today talking about formatting for Kindle. Don’t forget to check out my blog contest!  There’s a $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs! So Pot and I got into a big discussion about […]

State of Sales Report

You get a twofer threefer today for the blog tour, as poor H.C. Palmquist had some nasty computer problems yesterday!  Sam, H.C.’s cat, interviews me here.  And I’m talking about my writing process with N.L. Gervasio who’s crossposted both at Unclouded Perspicacity (she gets major props for finding a place to actually use the word […]

A Little Fun

So I’m home sick today with a massive sinus headache.  Until someone kindly removes the hatchet buried between my eyes and the pick axe buried in my neck, I’m having trouble thinking, so for your enjoyment I am sending you to the Paranormal Romance generator, shamelessly swiped from The Generator Blog. A few examples: He’s […]

Sunday Summary

Happy Mother’s Day!  I’ve been off visiting my mommy, so no serious post tonight. My tour stop for the day is at the awesome Patti O’Shea’s blog.  I’m talking about establishing character rapport. It’s been a long week, with lots going on, lots of demands on my time.  I had a little meltdown when I […]

Help Me Get To Twenty!

Today I’m at The Variety Pages with Jamie DeBree!  I’m talking about Overcoming Page Fright.  Pop over and say hi! So we’re well into the first week of my blog tour.  Sales are moving along…about as they were before.  It’s early yet, so I’m not surprised.  Anyway, while I was hanging out on Twitter last […]

Busy Busy Bee

This is totally one of those days when life interferes.  I’m waiting on the cable guy to call so I can go home and meet him AGAIN to get the internet fixed AGAIN (we JUST did this two weeks ago, but the storm over the weekend knocked it out again).  Hubby has physical therapy this […]

Find Me At Nature of The Beast

For those following my online blog tour, today I can be found being interviewed by Shannon Collins of Nature of the Beast (also cross posted at her review blog).  Thanks Shannon! It is Monday.  I wish I could say I had something brilliant to share with you, but I don’t.  I’m taking the afternoon off […]