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To my fabulous horde, who’ve been following me on my tour and commenting, thank you.  I am hanging with Joely Sue Burkhart today talking about formatting for Kindle.

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So Pot and I got into a big discussion about my sales yesterday, looking at what I’ve done, what I can do, and puzzling over the apparent lack of results of my tour.  And she made the point that we often forget: not everyone reads E.  Either they object morally due to a deep-seated love and defense of dead tree books or they don’t have a device on which to read them and refuse to read on their computers (not that I blame them in the least for that).  We forget because I was one of those DTB lovers who crossed over and if I will do it, anyone is susceptible.  We forget because J.A. Konrath is having amazing sales.  We forget because our pal Zoe is on schedule to sell 700 copies of her novella this month on Kindle alone.

But E is still only a small portion of the entire market.  The number I heard floating around at one point was 3%.  And it is possible that many of the folks who’ve come across me on the tour aren’t actually a part of that market.  Say I’ve reached 200 new people in the last 11 days of the tour.  3% of 200 is 6.  I’ve actually made 8 sales, which is 4% of that 200.  So…I’m about on target with those sort of numbers.  I’ve probably reached more than 200, but there’s the simple fact of the matter that not everyone is a paranormal romance fan.

This whole thing is one grand experiment in marketing, trying something and seeing what works.  I’ve got confidence in the book itself and have the joy of wonderful friends and fellow writers who’ve read and told others and tweeted.  I really just need to sit back, give it time, and focus on the next release.

4 thoughts on “The Popularity of E

  1. Amen. Nice to read you more upbeat today.
    Everyone else–go get some kind of reading device! If we could drag Kait down, kicking and clawing, anyone can learn to love e.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! When I consider how little of marketshare E has actually captured thus far (though I think it’s now higher than 3%, someone said it’s closer to like 8-10% because it’s been growing very fast the past couple of years), I’m pretty shocked by my numbers. I really don’t know how the hell it’s happened. I *did* expect to at some point sell this well, I just didn’t expect it to happen this fast.

    Of course “this fast” is “a year and a half” so, you’ve got a ways to go yet. A lot can happen to sales in a year and a half. Especially in a digital world.

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