A Little Fun

So I’m home sick today with a massive sinus headache.  Until someone kindly removes the hatchet buried between my eyes and the pick axe buried in my neck, I’m having trouble thinking, so for your enjoyment I am sending you to the Paranormal Romance generator, shamelessly swiped from The Generator Blog.

A few examples:

He’s an invisible elf. She’s a vampire with hives.
But he is her jailer. Will they find love?

When a raging vampire takes her lover, a ghost
must defy a dragon to bring him home.

He’s a vengeful spirit. She’s a demon.
But she suspects his motives. Will they find love?

Personally the vampire with hives sounds promising…

In case you missed my weekend tour stops, on Saturday, I visited with Janette Dalgliesh.  Sunday, I popped over to Patti O’Shea’s place to talk about establishing character rapport.

Today I am hanging out with H. C. Palmquist’s cat (though he’s on a different time zone, so it’s not quite up yet).

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