Trust Thyself

Writing is, at once, the most fun and exciting job and the hardest (no doubt plenty of people would say the same about parenthood).  You start out and you don’t know anything, so you’re happily splashing in the pond that is your work in progress, just basking in the joy of creation–and probably pantsing every […]

To Trudge or Abandon?

For the first time in YEARS, I am OFF OF WORK for a SNOW DAY! I know, you people who live in the north where it actually snows in winter don’t understand the excitement.  This is Mississippi.  It doesn’t snow here.  Flurries send people into a panic as if there’s going to be a nuclear […]


I’ll spare you the NaNo talk today.  I know you’re getting it everywhere and for those of you not doing NaNo, you’re sick of it already. I’m thinking about interventions this morning.  Some of this is because of my background in psychology.  Some of it is because, in America at least, interventions have become a […]

Guest Post by Deniz Bevan

Kick Start Your Writing Sooner or later, most of us get bogged down in the middle bits of a novel and find our drive and attention dwindling as fear and self-doubt creep in – even Nathan Bransford. This happened to me not just with a novel but with all my writing in the last few […]

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

It’s no secret I’ve had some issues with the dreaded writer’s block this year.  There’s been assorted reasons for it that I’ve mentioned elsewhere.  My latest has been the fact that I’m up to my eyeballs in course planning and lecture writing.  Rather than make myself crazy trying to juggle the two and switch back […]

Bipolar III

*Note: This is not a legitimate diagnostic category in the DSM.  I have invented it for amusement purposes.* It is a well documented fact that writers and artists and creative types tend to suffer from more mental illnesses than the general population.  It’s something that’s always fascinated me–enough that I wrote papers on it in […]

What Does Editing Mean?

Since I have gotten interested in becoming a part of the indie movement, and particularly since I’ve gotten into e-books, I have really tried to start reading more indie books because I want to support people.  Some I’ve read have been great–everything by Zoe Winters or Kerry Allen–others have been absolute stinkers (and I’ll be […]

Memorial Monday Madness

In tour news, my final stop is over at Random Musings where I’m talking about signs you might need to unplug from technology.  Thanks for hosting me Christel! I still have reviews stuck out in limbo somewhere.  I’ve been hanging out at 15 for a week and I have no idea why.  Free review copies […]