Sunday Summary

First off, I am hanging out with Cari Quinn, Girl Writer today on my tour talking about the age old question “Where do you get your ideas?”  Stop by and say hi!

Second, yesterday I sold 1 copy on Amazon, 1 on Smashwords, and had 2 more people download the sample on Smashwords.  And my traffic to the free sample of FBS that I have listed for the Summer Reading Trail is picking up.  Woo!

Third, my going back to do the groundwork I neglected on Revelation is finally starting to pay off.  I’m starting to connect the dots and have a clearer vision of these characters.

Fourth, you may have noticed that the blog looks a little bit different.  I’ve switched to the new Twenty Ten theme that was just launched by and done a little bit of cleaning up.  Eventually it’s going to get a total overhaul with a new header and background, but until I make up my mind what the heck I WANT, we’ll stick with tried and true.

Fifth, MayNoWriMo is off to a great start.  I knocked out 725 words in 2 writing sprints yesterday.  Yeeha!  The goal I finally set was to finish plotting out Revelation and write 10k on it.  My records indicate I wrote just under 9k in my floundering last month, so with the addition of revising my outline/plot summary, 10k seemed doable.  And if I exceed it, well that’s fine too.

Sixth, I did my second round of leg day from The Body Fat Solution and can actually MOVE today!  Yippee!  Considering that I was moving around like an arthritic nanogenarian for 4 days after I did it last week, this is a good thing.

Seventh, I’ve got to move my tush and get going on my words for today.  We’ve got supper club rescheduled as a late lunch at 1:30 with our couple friends and that leaves me…3 hours and 20 minutes to get words, guest post, laundry, and cooking finished.  Bye!

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