In Which I Am An Eedjit

First, I am making a public vow that I will not go off and play with’s newly released Twenty Ten, uber customizable blog theme until I am finished with real writing work. 

Second, thank you all for listening to me whine, bitch, and moan about Revelation.  Because I am an idiot. 

As I sat down yesterday, contemplating yet again whether I should put this project on the backburner, I realized that I never actually sat down and dig the goal, motivation, and conflict charts for my main characters.  These would be kind of fundamental and REQUIRED.  I didn’t have to do them for FBS because Gage just walked into my brain fully formed, so I didn’t have to think about it.  I guess I just thought I didn’t ever have to do them again?  Whatever, I hadn’t done them, so that was my big project last night.  Jess was kind enough to brainstorm and go through things with me, which did a really good job of illuminating the very important series of questions I needed answered before I actually, you know, write the damn book.  Apparently with all of my ra ra story structure, I just mentally skipped over all the  important character stuff that needs doing. 

So it’s back to the basics and the beginning with my GMC charts.  As usual, I had to appeal to Pot’s kindness for help on the internal GMC.  We established this morning that part of my problem with this is that goal, motivation, and conflict are lousy terms for the internal stuff.  It makes perfect sense for the external.  You have a goal.  It’s a conscious something you want to achieve or accomplish.  You usually know why you want to accomplish it (motivation).  And you have opposition for why it’s not happening (conflict).  She wrote up a lovely explanatory post to clarify for me.  Yes, I think this helps.  So I need to modify my chart accordingly. 

I am also thinking of going back to yWriter.  I bought Write Way Pro because it had LOTS of cool features and “cards” with stuff to fill out.  I find myself intimidated by them.  All those unanswered questions.   So as I go through today and REPLOT things, I may do it in yWriter and see if my brain works better.  I should know by tonight what my new, revised MayNoWriMo goal will be.   Either way, I feel more on track. 

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