Home Again, Home Again

It’s Friday.  Okay, no it’s really Thursday night as I write this, but by the time you read it, it will be Friday.

I’m finally on my way home after a long week on the road for the Evil Day Job.  Between work, I plowed through Divergent and Hourglass (I hated Myra for about 30 pages, but she fixed it at the end).  Next up, The Demon’s Surrender.

I also wrote a new ending scene for Blindsight.  I didn’t change anything that happens, just took it one scene further.  The story opens with a vision, so it seemed right that it close on one.  Sort of bookended.  I haven’t yet uploaded it, though I’ve gotten green lights from 3 of my readers.  Still waiting on word from my CPs.  I don’t think it really addresses the issue that it’s a teaser–there’s really not any getting away from  that when you write a short story about characters you intend to follow up with a novel on.  But I think maybe it is a more satisfactory tying up of things than where I left off before.

We were all over small town south Mississippi today, and I swear we drove through Cadence Creek, one of the fictional Mississippi towns I created when I was on a kick of writing Mississippi based fiction.  It was like having Sexy OLD Book come grab me by the throat instead of Sexy Next Book.  The thing is, I don’t know that I ever had much in the way of viable stories set in Cadence Creek before.  Just a very vivid place peopled with very vivid characters.  Given that I’m not gonna be getting off the paranormal train any time soon, I’m thinking I may just move my kitchen witch series there.  We’ll see.

Either way, I’m eager to finish up Red and move back to my Mirus for a while.  That little scene I wrote for Blindsight has whet my appetite for the series again, and I’m looking forward to diving back in, first with Riven and then with Revelation.  But Elodie and Sawyer have me for at least another 6 and a half chapters.  Which makes it sound like I’m nearly done when actually that’s still 20 scenes.  But 6 and a half chapters feels a lot more like I’m going downhill.  And I am.  I’m on the verge of the second pinch point.  This second half just feels like it’s moving very slowly after the big push to the midpoint.  But it WILL GET FINISHED.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy seeing my hubby and my puppies, and work my butt off the next month to make up for the Thai, Italian, Greek, hibachi, and down home Southern cookin’ I ate this week.  At least UFC Trainer is coming out in two weeks.  I’m gonna need it.

3 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. I’m eager for you to finish up Red, too. LOL

    Do you think you’ll be writing the Kitchen Witch series AFTER you are completely done with Mirus? Are you considering writing some things simultaneously? I know some authors say they get stuck on one book, so they’ll work on another one for awhile. I’ve never written like that before, but am thinking of trying it. Okay, so the Kitchen Witch sounds so interesting that I’m thinking of ways for you to start on it faster. Hahahahaha.

    Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to quit our full time jobs and just WRITE? Think of the possibilities….

  2. Jiggity Jig! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I bet Red is going to be great! The Kitchen Witch series sounds interesting. I love anything that has to do with food and magic…hahahaha! I’ve read a couple of books that have cooking witches that use their cooking for their magic. They were extremely funny at times.

    Good luck with finishing up those final chapters!

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