Late Sunday Summary and Into The Lion’s Den

So I wrote over 10k this week.  Hooray for being over the hump and barreling toward THE END.  Of course part of why I pushed so freaking hard (half of that word count was in the last two days) is because this week at the EDJ is going to be…bad.  At least in terms of […]

Stuff and Things

I’m playing catch up today.  Yesterday I had a management training seminar.  I expected to be bored out of my gourd, but the speaker was actually REALLY good.  It’s the first meeting I’ve been in in ages where everyone WASN’T glued to their smart phone praying it was over soon.  The speaker was really engaging […]


It’s FRIDAY! (Aside, I saw Despicable Me 2 over the weekend and it was every bit as fun as the first.  Please note: I would like a minion birthday party.  Just sayin’.  Ahem.) I’m nearly caught up re-recording all the lectures that didn’t have audio.  I’ve got one to go that I’ll stay after work to record […]

Midweek #ROW80 Update

Gonna be short and sweet today.  Last week’s EDJ batshit has morphed into complete and utter whackadoo and is still ongoing.  It has been a major distraction due to constant interruptions and having to DEAL with the crazy, to the point that I haven’t even been able to finish things that are my ACTUAL normal […]

Where For Art Thou, Cave?

Friday was full of EPIC DRAMA at the evil day job.  No reason to get into any of the details here, but I spent most of the day mediating and attempting to problem solve and THOUGHT I’d gotten somewhere with it. Only to come in this morning to find a massive escalation of said drama. […]

In Search of Balance

My brain is all over the place lately.  I’ve got a zillion things I’m interested in outside of writing and fitness and necessary life and job stuff, and I’ve been dipping in to read here and there about all kinds of things. sustainability organics gardening composting frugality mindfulness simplification neural plasticity zen Which doesn’t even […]

Getting Back In The Groove

Well, yesterday was the first day back at the Evil Day Job, the start of the spring semester (and the pilot test of the new Blackboard software for our online classes), and a day for generally clearing my desk, organizing my tasks and sorting out what all needs to be done by when.  And I […]

On The Other Side of Freak Out

Phase 1 Freakout Complete Well, at least until the rest of my critiques come back.  I’ll have a fresh round then, no doubt. My husband is 33.   He’s all the time saying he’s old, which annoys me given I’m only 6 months younger and I am NOT old, yo.  But for some reason, I […]

Finals are OVER! And Other Miscellaney

I just finished calculating and submitting final grades for the semester.  I had a LOT of failing grades this semester, largely from a subset of students who simply stopped attending class.  This happens a lot in the online teaching world, to the point that we often wind up with an inverse bell curve at the […]

Sometimes I really love being a writer. I’ve been kind of dragging on the end of DOTH.  The final battle simply wasn’t gelling in my brain.  So I went back and started filling in brackets and holes on Friday, then ended up taking the weekend off.  And yesterday, YESTERDAY the solution hit me upside the […]