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I’m playing catch up today.  Yesterday I had a management training seminar.  I expected to be bored out of my gourd, but the speaker was actually REALLY good.  It’s the first meeting I’ve been in in ages where everyone WASN’T glued to their smart phone praying it was over soon.  The speaker was really engaging and interesting.  My boss is laughing at me because I’m totally making our whole team take personality tests in an effort to improve communication.

There’s a flurry of activity up here, as our annual conference is this week, and we’re all running around trying to get EVERYTHING pulled together for it.  And, of course, juggling new projects.  And papers for old ones.  And on my side, still pulling together stuff for my new class.  I’ve got just over a month to finish.  Classes start August 19th.  :eyes To Do list with trepidation:

It’ll be a low writing week probably.  I managed to eek out 500 words last night but my brain was really not focused.  My big goal for the week is to get through all components of the Difficult Scenes and close out Act 3.  Then I can dive into Act 4 next week and hopefully plow through all the expansions there.  And I’ll be nice and do all those dedicated passes for “that” , “was”, “like”, and such before I send it off to my CPs.  :feels guilty about state of first draft:

I started running again officially yesterday.  Well, jogging.  Ish.  Comparing my times to last summer, I’m…about where I was then.  Around a 14 minute mile.  Which sounds like fast walking.  It’s sort of a plog (a plod/jog).  Which is about all I can manage while breathing water.  I’ll be content with that neighborhood until it cools off in September.

I’m looking for book recs.  Romance novels that deal with home renovation (or business renovation I suppose), that AREN’T by La Nora (I’ve read all of hers–more than once).  I’ve got a yen.  And I’m trying to keep up motivation to continue to do stuff around the house.  I just picked up Mary Kay Andrews’ The Fixer Upper from the library in audio for my road trip this week.  But I wanted to nab a few others in case I don’t like it, and I’ve got a credit from Audible burning a hole in my pocket.

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  1. A 14 minute mile might be a fast walk for someone with long legs, but it’s definitely a jog for me. I turn my treadmill up to 4 mph for my little sprints. 🙂

    I don’t know if I’ve ever read a romance that involved home improvement. But it sounds like it could be fun reading. I can see something like that as a romantic comedy.

  2. I *think* the Whiskey Creek book I haven’t read yet deals with home renovation. Well, actually it’s a B’n’B renovation. Possibly. Anyway, it’s a great series by Brenda Novak, if you haven’t read ’em yet!

    1. “This Old Heart’ by Holly Jacobs and “Back to the Bedroom” by Janet Evanovich–that one’s an e-book, I’m not sure about “TOH.”
      I think I read ‘The Fixer Upper’ and loved it.

      1. I’m catching up on e-mail now that I’m laid off again and found a review of ‘Renovation, Renovation, Renovation” by Nell Dixon. Sharon Cooper also has a book, ‘The Best Woman for the Job” and ‘Still the Best Woman for the Job’ (second book will be out in Sept,, I think

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