Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It’s been a doing weekend.  I know.  When do I ever have anything but?  Yesterday I attacked the weeds on the far side of the house (the side I only see when I bother paying attention on the way BACK from walking the dogs in the pasture and therefore forget about on a regular basis, such that it looks like Land of the Lost).  It was bad.  Now it’s not GOOD, but it’s better.  There is much need for Round Up.  I also pruned all around the AC (the repair guy on Wednesday said we needed more clearance from the big ass bush that hides it), then washed the unit out as instructed (lots of dust).  We also did another big clean for our out of town friends who were coming by.  I finished all the laundry (really must remember to get that last load out of the dryer).  Finally got the knobs on my library doors.  Made a walmart run.  We did a photoshoot with said out of town friends and their kids.  All before dinner!  And then I wrote over 1k on Riven before our friends popped over for a late visit after the kids had gone to bed.
  2. I didn’t get quite as far as I wanted to on my revisions this week.  But part of that was puzzling over the specifics of some difficult scenes.  I still wrote over 6k counting the plot notes I jotted down.  The Difficult Scene has turned into…something longer.  And so much BETTER than what I had before.  I got the first of three legs of that done last night.  I’m hoping to get the second done before I head over to my buddy’s house for a freezer meal prep party this afternoon.
  3. My writer pal here is preggo and due to pop any week now, so I suggested at lunch this week that we take a day this weekend to stock her freezer with easy to prep meals BEFORE Baby 2 arrives.  So that’s on today’s agenda.  It also meant that yesterday I cleaned out both freezers to organize and make ROOM, as well as take inventory of what I have.  Ideally eventually we’ll get coordinated enough to come up with some meals that will work for both of us, so we can swap.  Since we’ve got some dietary restrictions on my side (gluten free for hubby, organic beef required for me), that’s a little bit more difficult (a LOT of freezer meals include cream of soups, which are a no for us)  so today it’s mostly anything goes.  I’m making chicken tetrazzini, tuna casserole (I’m inventing a new recipe for that–I’m kind of constantly trying to FIND one I like), and a baked spaghetti.  Anyway, it’s an afternoon of cooking and shop talk, which sounds pretty darn awesome to me.
  4. I’m feeling the urge to start running again.  I put this squarely on the shoulders of our friends who are visiting from California.  They’re training for a half marathon and look AWESOME.  I have exactly ZERO interest in being that hard core, but I did actually do a little bit of jogging during my walk on Tuesday (mostly the downhill sections).  Considering it’s been seven months since I bothered, that went better than I expected.  I also discovered I can run to a book.  If it’s a good one at least.  It does distract me enough from the suck part.  If I’m going to do it, I want to do it 3 days a week like I did before, so I’m going to bump my weight lifting routine to start on Sundays, so I’m on a Sun, Tues, Thurs schedule there, and Mon, Wed, Fri for jogging.  Because I know me…I won’t run on weekends.  And I’m sure as heck not getting up early enough to do it THIS time of year unless it’s a work day and I’m already up.  So I’m off to get my weight lifting done.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. You’ve really been busy! Of course, you always are.

    Sometimes I take off on a little sprint on my treadmill, not too fast. I kind of like running. But not outside where it’s hot. I’m like you, the heat just kills me.

    I have a friend who’s going to start milling her own grain because another friend of ours has started doing that. The place they buy from has wheat, but they also have all kinds of other grains. Have you ever thought about doing that for gluten free bread and stuff?

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