(Aside, I saw Despicable Me 2 over the weekend and it was every bit as fun as the first.  Please note: I would like a minion birthday party.  Just sayin’.  Ahem.)

I’m nearly caught up re-recording all the lectures that didn’t have audio.  I’ve got one to go that I’ll stay after work to record this afternoon.  So then I’ll have 8 to go.  Bleh.  We’ve got an annual conference for EDJ next week that I leave for on Thursday, so I’ll have 3 days to get some done then, and that’ll leave 5, which I can hopefully knock out one a day the week following.  Then comes the scramble to put together the rest of the class.  I’ve made an epic To Do List for it in Todoist (oh how I am LOVING Todoist!).  There is also Wedoist for group projects.  I set one up for my crit partners and me (I called it Plot and Gab, which is appropriate enough).

I’m up to The Difficult Scene in Riven.  But, conveniently, Susan is back from her three week vacation in Florida and threw out something in chat last night that was like a frigging lightbulb (she’s great at that), so I am dreading this scene less than I originally was.  I still need to parse out some logic about it, but I think the specifics of what will happen are a lot clearer than they were.  It’s on today’s list to sketch that out and hopefully get started.  The goal is to knock it out by end of the weekend.  Then I lack just one more scene in Act 3 and the expansions for Act 4.  Oh please, oh please, I want it FINIIIIIIISHED.  And then there will be dedicated passes to eradicate unnecessary use of “that”, “like”, “of” clauses, and “was.”  I have apparently developed some bad habits over the last couple of years.  I should probably be nice and get through all that BEFORE I send it back to CPs…

I feel like there should be more to report, but I have no idea what that might be, so I shall leave you with best wishes for an AWESOME WEEKEND.  Hubby and I shall be sweating it out in the yard.

2 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Woot! My husband and I plan on taking the kids to see Despicable Me 2 next week. Glad to hear good things about it it. Makes me more excited! 🙂

    Also… You are to blame for my new addiction to Todoist! Thanks, 🙂

  2. We’ll probably wait until Despicable Me 2 comes out in DVD (I love Redbox). Because there are other movies we want to see and can’t afford too many. Although, we do always go to the matinee and the popcorn is our dinner. LOL

    Good luck on finishing Riven revisions. Susan is just great to have around, isn’t she?

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