Late Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I’m pretty sure I spent all of yesterday thinking that it was Tuesday.  I’m sure this is because I was not IN the office on Monday.  I’m hitting the road in about an hour and a half for this work conference and I MUST GET WORDS before I do, so this will be a quick and dirty post.

  • Riven revisions have been going slow this week, as I knew they would.  There has been much business and scramble at the EDJ getting things ready to go and just general distraction.  I’m about a scene and a half away from the end of Act 3, which I hope to knock out by end of day Sunday.  I get home Saturday and poor hubby has to work all day Sunday, so I’ll have quiet time to catch up and re-immerse in the book.
  • I’ve had lots of clicky clicky details falling into place for the next book.  Worked out the hero’s arc yesterday and started weaving that through the outline.  AND I figured out how to work in this candy bar scene that’s been in my head for almost all versions of this story (you know candy bar scenes…the ones you REALLY REALLY want to write), at the end of which I actually did write SQUEE  HAPPY HAPPY! in the outline.
  • I’m plowing through Nora Roberts’ Tribute in audio (should finish that today on the drive), and have about 6 other options from the library on my Zune to pick up next.  Including Rescue Me, the conclusion to Jill Shalvis’ trilogy set in Sunshine, Idaho.  Hopefully the narrator won’t suck.  This contemporary romance mood I’ve been in is really screwing with my revisions because it’s what I want to be reading AND writing at the moment.
  • Bumped up my weights for Beautiful Badass this morning.  Up to 70 pounds on my deadlift and 30 pound dumbbells for bench press and row.  Woo!  I LOVE this program!

Must get cracking on those words!

2 thoughts on “Late Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Sounds like a busy, but generally good week, Kait. (Hooray for the weight increase! I love those increment moments too.)

    Candy bar scene… That’s a new term for me. Glad you got to enjoy it too. I have a few of those scenes myself, and knowing that success is possible is always encouraging too. Thanks for the boost. 😀

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