Sometimes I really love being a writer.

I’ve been kind of dragging on the end of DOTH.  The final battle simply wasn’t gelling in my brain.  So I went back and started filling in brackets and holes on Friday, then ended up taking the weekend off.  And yesterday, YESTERDAY the solution hit me upside the head like a wet herring.  It was so OBVIOUS.  All the pieces were already in place.  I just had to make a few adjustments and BOOM.  Brain unstuck.

It’s almost like I did it on purpose!

Which, I suppose, my subconscious did.

It’s one of the coolest things about being a writer, seeing those threads come together without 100% conscious thought.

Sorry I’m not all that interesting lately.  Lots going on.  My brain is hopping on the end of DOTH while I keep on keeping on with end of semester stuff in my classes, prep for next semester’s pilot test of Blackboard 9, and closeout of Project from Hell.

Challenge of the day: Figure out how to get my existing test banks out of our ancient WebCT software and into Blackboard 9…

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  1. When the pieces of the puzzle come together like that, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! It’s also why I sometimes think it’s not really me doing the writing, but my characters. Best of luck to you, Kait!

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