Late Sunday Summary and Into The Lion’s Den

  1. So I wrote over 10k this week.  Hooray for being over the hump and barreling toward THE END.  Of course part of why I pushed so freaking hard (half of that word count was in the last two days) is because this week at the EDJ is going to be…bad.  At least in terms of obscenely busy and I’ll be working 10 hour days all week.
  2. In honor of that, I did ALL my cooking for the week yesterday.  A Mexican lasagna and sausage corn chowder, each of which will give us 2 meals, and Friday will be take out.
  3. I’ve been rocking the anxiety dreams the last couple of days.  The first one involved my waking up to find my husband had moved everything in the house and brought in a bunch of stuff that needed to find a home, which I couldn’t DO because nothing was where it was supposed to be.  So I woke up early Saturday and felt compelled to organize.  Last night’s variation involved a torrential rainstorm, multiple roof leaks, being unable to reach my roofer, the hubby being MIA, and my boss expecting me to come in to work anyway and just let my house flood.  Again.  :twitch:  There is a big ass batch of brownies in my future at the end of the week.  And probably a bottle of wine.  Maybe chocolate wine.  Because…yeah, it’s that kind of week.
  4. In book news, Once Upon A Coffee is FREE today until Friday.  So if you haven’t nabbed your copy, now’s the time.  Also going on right now, Forsaken By Shadow is on sale for 99 cents until the end of October.  Upside to my being busy…I won’t have time to constantly check sales and rankings and can just let the various and sundry forms of promo do their thing without obsessing.
  5. I’m queueing up my LET’S DO THIS music.  See you on the other side.


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