The Great Catch Up Race

I’m playing catch up today at work.  I ended up taking yesterday off so that I could finish all the things I didn’t get a chance to do over the weekend.  AKA, finish reading DOTH and sort out what the heck needed to come next.  Which I did, courtesy of some brainstorming with Susan that […]

What To Do When There’s Only More Crap On The Horizon

The Hell Project at the Evil Day Job is drawing to a close.  I’ll be doing some traveling for final data collection from now to December and then it’ll be done.  Thanks be to every possible deity. But there’s little room for celebration as the various and sundry potential projects lining up promise to be […]

Midweek Check-In

I actually have a mini-streak going with consecutive writing days right now.  Not huge numbers, but that’s not really the point just now.  Sunday: 509, Monday: 551, Tuesday: 400 (which was a minor miracle given all the work disaster phone calls I had to deal with after 5). This has been one of the biggest […]

The Power of Sublimation

My day started with tea.  At home (after a run through what felt like 80 degree soup).  And it’s Friday.  Already things are off to a better beginning.  I’m a few steps back from the edge of the meltdown that’s been stalking me all week. This is an edge I walk constantly, one that’s always […]

Home Again, Home Again

It’s Friday.  Okay, no it’s really Thursday night as I write this, but by the time you read it, it will be Friday. I’m finally on my way home after a long week on the road for the Evil Day Job.  Between work, I plowed through Divergent and Hourglass (I hated Myra for about 30 […]

Inspiration, Death of Creativity, and Some Bookish Awesome

I’ve been really scattered this week.  You’ll just have to deal. The day started well.  Really it did.  I did my yoga and had my 30 minutes with Blood Magic on the bike (and oh my freaking lord, Tessa Gratton has such a marvelous way of describing things–the thing with Silla and the masks? Genius.  […]

Graduation Goggles

On last night’s How I Met Your Mother, they brought up the concept of Graduation Goggles (also related to Beer Goggles, Breakup Goggles, and assorted other goggles).  This came up at McLaren’s when Marshall decided to quit his job at GNB.  Suddenly all the bad jokes, annoying coworkers, and crap that he’d hated so much […]

Catching Up and WTF?

So it’s back to the office today, which means following up on emails, voicemails, and other To Do List stuff that’s accrued in my absence.  You know, stuff that actually requires I use my brain.  I skipped that yesterday, sticking mostly to the easy stuff like laundry, groceries, cooking, etc.  I made a lovely Cock-A-Leekie […]

Monday Grump

God, it’s Monday. And I’m at work. I am so not cool with that. Boss at least had the decency to ask how my holiday went before she jumped into crap.  And it’s not as dire as she thought when she texted me over the break because she realized I’d already DONE more than half […]

On The First Day of Christmas Break…

Okay, I am actually off for 16 days, so the 12 Days of Christmas doesn’t quite hold, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been blasting my immune system with Zicam to knock out this cold/sinus thing trying to take over my body.  Other than the not being able to breathe thing, I’m feeling better, so I’ll […]