On The First Day of Christmas Break…

Okay, I am actually off for 16 days, so the 12 Days of Christmas doesn’t quite hold, but I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been blasting my immune system with Zicam to knock out this cold/sinus thing trying to take over my body.  Other than the not being able to breathe thing, I’m feeling better, so I’ll keep that up.  I’m also gearing up for some serious working out.  I was doing okay until I went to Texas, but I’ve been eating crap for a week and there was butter in my fridge (which I NEVER buy because I will USE IT) and hubby is bad influence and suggested cookies, and now I’m terrified to get on the scale.  So now that I’ve got some extra time, I’m taking advantage for lots of working out.  Now that I’m feeling better, that should be less of an issue.  I’m not going anywhere near a scale until New Year’s Day.

I’ve got 8 lectures to write over the next 16 days.  I don’t know that I’ll get them ALL done, but I’m shooting for at least 4 and getting 4 recorded before January 3rd when I go back to work.  That gives me a little lead time to get the rest finished as the semester progresses. Not my ideal use of the holiday, but necessary.

I also plan to write the anthology story over the holiday.  The name of the game is spending the next 16 days to clear my plate for Red as the first Round of Words in 80 Days begins on January 3rd.

And of course there’s also holiday baking and some housecleaning that needs doing.  I best get started!

One thought on “On The First Day of Christmas Break…

  1. You know, we’re supposed to enjoy the holidays, but I’m always so busy, I can’t seem to stop and do that. I think NaNo is responsible for part of that. No more NaNo for me! I’m glad you’re getting that 16 days to get things done. As organized as you are, I think you’ll use the time wisely. As far as getting on the scale…I don’t even want to think about that. I can hear my husband in the other room, walking on the treadmill as I’m writing this. I guess I really need to take a turn….

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