Sunday Summary

  1. I’m posting late today.  We went to a Christmas party last night, didn’t get to bed until after 1, so I didn’t get up until 10.  I’m feeling very UGH from all the rich food.  And puffy and generally desirous of vegetables and lean meats.  I am mentally giving the cookie dough in the fridge the finger.  Okay not really.  I’m trying to tell it NO in a very firm, grown up voice.
  2. So of course I had another monster workout today.  469 burned calories and an episode of Fringe later, I’m contemplating a nap.
  3. What I really should be doing is writing the Chapter 5 lecture. I have zero inclination to actually do this.  Because, you know, Fringe is getting really good (I’ve been DVRing all season and am just now catching up) and it’s Sunday and a holiday break and I have no desire to do real work.
  4. I don’t even feel like procrastinating with fiction, which is often the case. Although I do have to say I think Isla’s (heroine) relationship with the Big Bad who kidnapped her all those years ago is starting to gel in my head.  So I should be ready to start writing that maybe tomorrow.
  5. I finished all my wrapping yesterday. Hubby still has a few things that I don’t know about, but it actually looks like Christmas with all the presents under the tree.
  6. Of course the book I ordered my father’s wife is lost somewhere to the US Postal Service because apparently when you use the 3-5 day regular shipping from Amazon, they send it via FedEx to a certain point where they hand it over to USPS and it disappears and takes more than a week and a half with no word, when it should have been here 4 days ago.
  7. I’m still working on kicking this cold/sinus infection’s butt with Zicam and nasal irrigation. For the record, hydrogen peroxide is a great way to directly kill a sinus infection.  Hurts like a sonofabitch though.  Even at 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water.  And to think the nurse’s article I read suggested full strength.  :shudder:
  8. So I’m off to take a nap…I mean write a lecture.
  9. Then hopefully a family viewing of White Christmas later.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. There’s never a good time to be sick…but especially not during the holidays 🙁 The book Herbal Antibiotics has a lot of natural remedies in it that I have tried and found seriously helpful for shortening colds, especially using lots of garlic (add it grated to soups) and make a hot tea with sage, honey, fresh citrus juice, and a dash of cayenne pepper.

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