Monday Grump

God, it’s Monday. And I’m at work.

I am so not cool with that.

Boss at least had the decency to ask how my holiday went before she jumped into crap.  And it’s not as dire as she thought when she texted me over the break because she realized I’d already DONE more than half the work she thought needed doing today (and I did it in OCTOBER).  Because, you know, I am typically on top of crap.  Which is why she hired and promoted me.

Today marks the inaugural Round of Words in 80 Days!  I’m supposed to carve out 30 unplugged minutes and 750 words today.  When I look at all the stuff still remaining to be done for my classes, which start on Wednesday, I’m not purely sure how I’m going to get it done.  Because I need one of my shells deleted and no one will be around to do it until TOMORROW (how did they get off until the 4th when we had to be back today?).  And of course tomorrow I am stuck in an all-day, out of town staff meeting (otherwise known as our “Annual Retreat”).  It’s going to be a late night.

I am so OMG GRUMPY today.  Morning does NOT agree with me.  Must go to bed earlier tonight.

But hey, bright side, I am working on RED! Or will be at some point today. That’s bound to put me in a better mood.  In the meantime, must get work done.  Need more caffeine.


13 thoughts on “Monday Grump

  1. It’s always tough to get back to work after being off for awhile. I was only off Friday plus the weekend and still didn’t want to come back. Because since I do accounting, there’s a bunch of end of month and end of year stuff to be done.

    Did you want to say “ha ha” to your boss when it was discovered that you had already done all that stuff you needed to do? :0)

    I’m sure you’ll make your goals for today. And, if not, you’ll definitely catch up. Because you’re…you know…Kait.

  2. God, Mondays really are the worst. Particularly when your passion lies elsewhere, as mine does. Notice though, when you’re really passionate about something, how easy it is to get up early for it and feel chipper and awake as hell?

    That is why I’m really trying to make my career something I’m passionate about instead of just punching a clock everyday and going on autopilot until I can get back to “real life.”

    Anyway, perhaps I’m wrong and you do love your work. That’s just been my experience…
    An E-Publisher’s Manifesto

    1. Nope, I pretty well hate my job. Well no, that’s not wholly true. The job is okay (though not something I’m all that interested in). It’s my boss I don’t like.

      1. Because the boss is insane. And she’s incredibly clueless and disorganized and refuses to realize how much more smoothly things would go if she would just shut up, stop the headless chicken act, and do what you tell her.

        @Aaron Actually, I’d pay money to see Kait wake up chipper and awake as hell. She is just not that type of girl.

      2. Sometimes I just love my boss! He realizes that I’m smarter than he is and takes advantage of that by trusting me to do things the right way and at the right time. For instance, he never says “did you make that IRS quarterly payment?”. He just takes for granted I did. LOL Of course, I would STILL like to make a living by writing….

  3. So sorry. I remember the post-holiday-blahs from last year. My personal favorite was having to get up at 4:30 A.M. on NYE, and then attempt to make it until midnight. Yeah…..that never worked. So this year, I read blogs for the big year-change. Woot…

    I’ll shut up now, because you probably want to just murder me for sitting her typing away at home, drinking alcoholic coffee in my pajamas. ; )

    It’ll be over soon?

    1. Oh I’ll get over my grump in a day or two once I’m back in routine. It’s just like the UBER Monday.

  4. I really REALLY DETEST the first day of each quarter. Phones ringing off the hook, lines out the door…crabby students, crabby staff (me being one of them)…

    Not sure I’ll be doing anything towards my goals today either, just because of circumstances. AARGH! Oh well…tomorrow is another day. 😉

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