The Great Catch Up Race

I’m playing catch up today at work.  I ended up taking yesterday off so that I could finish all the things I didn’t get a chance to do over the weekend.  AKA, finish reading DOTH and sort out what the heck needed to come next.  Which I did, courtesy of some brainstorming with Susan that involved Tom Welling falling from the sky.  Don’t ask.  Only a little over 500 words written, and three or four minor revisions made, but I think I have a much clearer handle on everything I need to tie up in these last 5 scenes.  SO, ONWARD.

My brain is all wrapped up in class stuff.  Finals are next week, so my students are all scrambling to finish their last assignments and praying they’re exempt.  And of course there are the ones who realize their grades are in the toilet and are begging for extra credit.  Which I largely don’t give.  Sorry.  You’re supposed to follow directions and do it right the first time.  Honestly, I grade as much for the ability to follow directions as I do getting the concepts right.

I’m also in massive list mode.  My university is moving to new online software for distance learning (thank GOD), and I’m part of the pilot test in the spring.  It’s going to involve rebuilding all my classes, which is less trouble than WRITING new classes (also on deck for next year–I’m adding Psych and Law to my roster), but still a pretty big pain in the butt.  So I’m going through figuring out what needs to be downloaded and moved and how I want to change the organization of the courses going forward.  It’s going to be a fairly big undertaking.

And of course, there’s still the wrap up of the Project From Hell.  I’ve got to finally get off my butt and make the phone calls and arrange to get these last folks, and get the rest of our data collectors on deck for what remains.  There’s not much time left.

Then my Christmas tree still needs decorating.  Yeah, the one we bought Sunday before last.  >.<  Once the lights are on, the rest will be easy, but the lights on a 10 foot tree are a thing…I can’t do them by myself.  So I want to get THAT done this week, and finish DOTH and…yeah.  TOO MUCH STUFF!  Oh God, and I need to wrap…  I think I need therapeutic hot chocolate.

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