Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. How can it be Sunday already?  I have so much stuff that I didn’t get done!  Between the three photo shoots we had this weekend, trying to get decorated for Christmas (and we’ve only got the OUTSIDE done–and the icicle lights went out after 5 minutes–we don’t wanna talk about it), and the family in town, I’m nowhere near where I needed to be at this time of night before a work week.  Guh.
  2. I’m only half through my read through of DOTH.  I got through with the death scene and funeral last week, and I wanted to do a read through to make sure I knew what all threads I needed to tie up with this last push through the end.  I’ve got notes out the wazoo about things I need to clarify or fix, a few plot threads that just flat need to be snipped because I went a different direction, etc.  I might finish by the 8th.  I might not.    We will see.  Either way, the thing takes as long as it takes.
  3. I look around my house and see only work I don’t have time to do.  My flower beds are looking like somewhere Sleestaks should inhabit.  There’s a good two full weekends worth of work to clean them up and get them mulched.  Like we were supposed to do, oh, 3 months ago.  Wish we could afford to hire somebody to just come in and clean it up.  I needed to bake some gluten free buns and a loaf of sandwich bread, and that didn’t happen.  I needed to plan a menu for the week, which also didn’t happen.
  4. I did get a few things done.  Daisy finally got her bath.  I made up some pasta salad and roasted some filling for sweet potato burritos for lunches next week.  Got laundry done and actually PUT AWAY.  And got the house semi-picked up.  But there just isn’t enough time for stuff.  

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