Inspiration, Death of Creativity, and Some Bookish Awesome

I’ve been really scattered this week.  You’ll just have to deal.

The day started well.  Really it did.  I did my yoga and had my 30 minutes with Blood Magic on the bike (and oh my freaking lord, Tessa Gratton has such a marvelous way of describing things–the thing with Silla and the masks? Genius.  Read it.) .  Then my Dark and Early scene took a bit of a sexy turn that had me justifying that Sawyer will totally be played by someone in his late 20s in the movie version, so really, there’s not that big an age difference (like that time I told Susan how old Tom Welling REALLY is, so she’d feel better about lusting after the high school hero of Smallville back in the day).  Hey, I’m channeling my 17 year old self.  It’s allowed.  I hit my minimum (yay).

And then I got to the Evil Day Job.  Where I got to continue the soul crushing boredom of programming a zillion survey questions about sexual risk behavior, injection drug use, and condom practices of convicted offenders.

Now do you see why I don’t often talk about the specifics of my job?  I mean, who really wants a job where it’s a weird day if you don’t hear “condom”, “anal sex”, or something about multiple partners at least once, if not multiple times a day.

Talk about a creativity crusher.

God, I’m afraid of what that’s going to do to search engines…

Then it’s hubby’s day off, so he was home at lunch, with Austin Powers, of all things, on TV.  I hate Austin Powers.  It was HUGE when I was in college, so everybody saw them all and perpetually quoted them all and OH MY GOD, that character grosses me out.  I get that it’s spoofy but cripes.  It’s so…MORONIC and OBVIOUS.  This is one of those instances when hubby insists I have a defective sense of humor.  Sorry, I don’t like stupid, obvious humor.  I just don’t.  Sue me.  So of course I got nothing written at lunch.

On the upside, I just finished listening to Jeri Smith Ready’s Shift and am already wailing and gnashing teeth that I have to wait until NEXT MAY for Shine and the conclusion of the trilogy.  Ghosts.  Scottish dude.  More ghosts.  SCOTTISH DUDE.  It’s awesome.  Read it.  That is all.

Next up on the audiobook queue is Graceling, per Claire‘s recommendation, which looks pretty darn awesome.  There has been a plethora of AWESOME in the reading front actually, with more coming.  Myra McEntire’s Hourglass comes out in TWO WEEKS (FINALLY!).  And the final book in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon Lexicon trilogy.  And the next book in Vicki Keire’s Gifted Blood trilogy is OUT.  And a forty-five minute chat last night with Jessica Tudor about comp books added about 6 MORE books to my TBR pile, as if it’s not towering enough.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration, Death of Creativity, and Some Bookish Awesome

  1. What an interesting time we’re in when part of one’s job is to make sure you didn’t forget the anal sex question. I thought “Evil Day Job” was just clever, but it really IS evil. Sorry Kait.

  2. I’m dying to know what the search engines are going to kick onto the site with this post. But yes, lusting after your main character is TOTALLY allowed!!! It has to be, I mean, it… Can we start a petition?

  3. You aren’t alone on Austin Powers, I never liked him either. I don’t think we are defective for this dislike, perhaps everyone else is just too easy to please 🙂

  4. Ditto on the Austin Powers. Not that there isn’t a single moment that I find mildly amusing, but I didn’t find it hilarious like most of my friends when it came out. And it certainly didn’t send me running to see the sequels. (Really? One wasn’t enough?)

    Also, once I saw SCOTTISH DUDE I couldn’t focus on anything else in your post.

    Shiny objects and men with accents could mean my demise.

  5. Isn’t lusting after your hero mandatory? 😉

    Kait, you are seriously killing my TBR pile with all the book love in this post! Sigh, guess I better get started…

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