Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. There has been an excessive amount of sweating this weekend.  We’ve had freakishly high temps all week, even for Mississippi.  High 90s to 100 with heat indexes soaring over 110 some days.  UGH.  I spent all yesterday from 6:30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, OUTSIDE in said temps, helping with my mother’s moving/tag/garage sale.  It was MISERABLE.  I’m sure I sweated out five pounds and guzzled at least a gallon of fluids.  And today it was 97 when I cut my part of the yard.  There is no deodorant on the market that can combat such conditions.  That whole saying that southern women don’t sweat, they glisten?  Total BS.  I sweated like a pig.  Such a strange saying, actually.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pig sweat…
  2. While I was having my brains baked, I finished reading Tessa Gratton’s Blood Magic on my phone (and how much do I love that as long as I last finished reading something on my Nook where there was wi-fi, my phone automatically syncs to that location?).  OMG I really loved this book.  The descriptions were marvelous, and I really felt like I was reading real teenagers, not what adults think they should be or are.  I loved Nick, loved his growing relationship with Silla.  Can’t wait for the next book, which hasn’t yet reached copy edits (I know because I threatened to kidnap Tessa to get ahold of it, and she said I might want to wait a bit for copy edits).
  3. I also started Summer’s Crossing, the latest Iron Fey novella by Julie Kagawa.  This is a story of Puck.  I do love Puck.  It opens with a lovely sort of monologue about True Names, that got me thinking and inspired a post for later this week.
  4. In my car, I’m listening to Graceling by Kristen Cashore, which I’m enjoying so far, except for the fact that the hero is apparently called Po and I cannot think of anything but Kung Fu Panda.  The world she’s building is really interesting, and I like Katsa.  She’s a kick ass heroine in a very literal sense, and I think that kind of character is fascinating.
  5. Following lawn mowing and some minor plumbing (the drain line to the dishwasher was stopped up), hubs and I went to see the latest Xmen.  We’re both kind of on the fence about it.  There were things I liked about it.  I liked seeing the evolution of Charles and Erik’s friendship and the complicated nature of their relationship.  But hubs is pretty sure that there are some inconsistencies.  We both thought that they had met as children, not adults in the Cold War.  I liked the cast of mutants, but of course we didn’t see enough of them, so we fully expect there to be more First Class movies.  In the meantime, it’s whet our whistles to go back to all the others and have an X-marathon.  We’re starting the first one with dinner.
  6. I’ve been working on the lower body track on New U this week.  That’s been going well and the workout is short enough that I’ve been able to cram in some boxing or biking in the mornings before work.  Which was good, as it’s one of those weeks where I didn’t have a lot of free time at lunch.
  7. On the writing front, I finished out the week at 4,318.  I met my minimum every day.  Monday: 527, Tuesday: 572, Wednesday: 537, Thursday: 602, Friday: 1067, Saturday: 506, Sunday: 507.  Considering everything that’s going on, I’m happy with that.  This morning’s words came during a TRUE Dark and Early session.  Woke up at 5:30 with a heinous case of indigestion and wrote until the meds kicked in and I could go back to sleep.  I have a much clearer picture of how the second half of the book is going to go now, and I think (hope) that will lead to some higher word counts in weeks to come since I know what I’m pushing toward now.
  8. Summer school started this week.  I’ve barely heard from any of my students, which makes me paranoid.  Things never get off to this smooth a start.
  9. On my way home from mom’s yesterday, I swung by Sam’s for a meat run.  Came home with 31 POUNDS of meat: chicken, ground beef, bacon, shrimp, 3 kinds of sausage and a big old hunk of smoked gouda (which obviously isn’t meat).  I look forward to some YUMMY eating over the next couple of months!   In case you didn’t know, carnivores live here.  Off to put the brats on the grill…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. that would be child abuse over here – guess it’s different in the states!!!!! great acheivments this week and not just on writing front – how do you exercise in that kind of heat? sweat? I’d be a meltered plate of lard if I had to wield a lawnmower in that heat – you’re made of sterner stuff than I!!
    all best for this week

  2. I wish I could write when I wake up that early, but unfortunately my brain doesn’t seem to kick in til at least 10am; up til then it’s just mush, barely capable of steering me around without crashing into things. I don’t do mornings lol Nice work on the word counts 😀
    It’s odd seeing ROW80 folk complaining about the hot temperatures, when here in Australia, we’ve been lucky to get over 17 degrees celcius for the last few days.
    Grilled chicken is the shiz. Especially if you smother it with Peri Peri sauce (I’m assuming you have it or something similar over there).

  3. It’s been hot here, too. Usually about 96 or 97 with high humidity (as always). Bleh.

    I love that sync thing too…my Kindle and my phone. Because I always have my phone with me and I can’t stand to be idle, so I have to read. :0)

    That’s a really great word count! Way to go!

    Wow, 31 lbs. of meat. I hope you have a big freezer!

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