Midweek #ROW80 Update

Gonna be short and sweet today.  Last week’s EDJ batshit has morphed into complete and utter whackadoo and is still ongoing.  It has been a major distraction due to constant interruptions and having to DEAL with the crazy, to the point that I haven’t even been able to finish things that are my ACTUAL normal job.  That hasn’t exactly left my brain in great shape for creative endeavors.

Since I got back from visiting my pal in Kansas, I have written a whopping 1190 words on Riven.  851 of them were last night.  I have high hopes of actually, maybe, FINISHING THE FIRST PINCH POINT tonight.  Maybe.  I’m nearly done with the scene that I’ve been stuck on, so that’s positive.

But even though I haven’t been doing a lot of word count production, I HAVE been doing a lot of replotting work on DOTH.  I think I’ve finally nailed down my character arcs for Bree and Jake (which were kind of, you know, MISSING in the first draft–DOH!) and I’m working on outlining the scenes that will best convey their changes.  So I’m happy with that.

I have also been doing a great deal of pre-prep work for writing this new class for fall.  The textbook I’ve chosen has the best set of instructor materials of any I’ve ever used.  Test banks.  Instructor notes.  PREMADE POWERPOINTS FOR EACH CHAPTER.  It’s going to save me a fair amount of time.  So I’ve been printing out all of those, getting student notes prepped and a basic outline ready to go for each chapter, separating out the test banks, etc.  Next week I get to start actually writing lectures.  15 of them.  At least it’s a subject I geek out about, so it’ll be less boring than some of the classes I’ve written.

Anyway, must get back to the insanity.

4 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Update

  1. I’ve learned that writing is a lot more than cranking out the words. They’ll come when you finish all of the other work you’ve been doing. Hope things get straightened out with EDJ.

  2. That’s still an impressive word count. I hope things calm down soon. I think, even when you’re not writing, your brain is still working things out. x

  3. I agree with Laura. My busy times look different than yours – mine tend to be sprawling, days-long affairs with hundreds of unschoolers, and many, many new ideas.

    After the total preoccupation, there are a few days of nothin’ much happening…

    And then – whammo! – connections start popping, and the words pour out…

    I hope that happens for you, too, once you get things ironed out!

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