Monday Mashup

So in an exciting bit of news (to probably no one but me), my most popular search terms for this blog last week were all either me or writing related.  Usually I have an insane number of hits on my post talking about my opinion of the totally unfair moniker “tramp stamp”, the lower back tattoo I would like to get after I have kids, and a strange number of hits on “the crud” because apparently people don’t know what it is.  So bonus.  More people are finding me for the stuff I WANT them to find me for!

It is Monday and POT COMES TO VISIT ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!  I am very excited.   My husband and I were talking about it this weekend and I realized that other than one college friend who came up for a weekend in the fall, Pot is the first houseguest I’ve had in four years who isn’t related to me or to him.  Of course I feel compelled to do all the organizing, cleaning house stuff I’ve been putting off since hubs broke his leg.  I always do this when company comes.  Even just for dinner.  Given the state of the house, you can tell how limited our social life has been the last three months. But we tried it out this weekend and he can drive! No, I don’t think you understand.  This is super great news.  He’s not quite up to crutching up and down the hill with his heavyass backback from where he has to park at work, but in a week or two he may be.  And then I don’t have to TOTE HIM ANYWHERE ANYMORE!!!!!! We’re going to talk to his physical therapist today about an aggressive program to get him back to walking ASAP.

And the angels sang: Hallelujah!

I was short on my word goal for last week.  I miscalculated how many words I’d written and was shy by about 400 words.  Poop.  I didn’t have time to write yesterday anyway.  Wound up spending most of the day at my in laws’ helping my FIL wrench on my Honda NX250.  Wound up tearing it largely apart, pulling off all the body panels, the seat, the chain and sprocket, wiring in new turn signals, adding hand guards, repairing the horn, and replacing the headlight bulb.  The amusement for the day was when we pulled the seat off we found a stowaway.  A terrified little mouse, who was, in fact, the inspiration for pulling off all the body panels because he did NOT want to get off the bike.  And there are a surprising number of places for a little mouse to hide in and around a motorcycle engine.  The engine needed degreasing anyway, so we did that while it was naked.  Eau de engine degreaser is such an attractive smell layered over with the sweat produced with a 115 degree heat index and 98% humidity.   Ah, Mississippi in summer.

I’m working on my villain thread for Revelation this week.  To those who read and enjoyed Forsaken By Shadow (free review copies still available!), you aren’t gonna know what hit you.

10 thoughts on “Monday Mashup

  1. Congrats on the search terms! Sometimes things like that just take awhile.

    I’m so glad your husband is getting better. That’s better for him and for you!

    Do you actually have a word goal every week? I remember when I was doing NaNo and I would get ahead…then, I wouldn’t write for two days. LOL What is usually your goal for the week? You may have posted about that, but I missed it if you did. Do you do a daily goal, or just for the week?

    Tennessee in the summer is like that, too. We are already in the 90’s and it’s just after noon. And the humidity is making the heat index about 1,000 degrees. (Ok, I exaggerated a bit. LOL)

    1. I run an accountability group. We set our goals weekly. I usually have both daily and weekly goals. I try to write every day and I shoot for 500 words, but that doesn’t always happen. I allow that there’s usually a day when writing doesn’t happen due to life intruding or utter lack of inspiration or brain function, so I usually aim for about 3k a week.

    1. Oh I’m so pleased you liked it! If you wouldn’t mind, do you think you could do a quick review at Amazon? More is coming…slowly. Depending on whether I get the new job I applied for, I expect Revelation (the next in the series, which is a full novel rather than a novella) to release somewhere between October and Christmas.

        1. Well if you have any pull with the people who help you win the lottery, that would speed things up 😀 Thanks!

          1. Oh, I wish I had an in with those people! Make me a mega-millionaire and I can not only support myself, but start handing out writing fellowships … sigh. What a great fantasy.

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