The Waiting Game

I was happier when I didn’t know about my competition.  Really.  Ignorance was more blissful.  I can’t say that I’m freaking out, exactly, but I just found out about some of the other current lecturers who are also applying for this position I’ve applied for.  And they’ve all been teaching on campus and in person and have way more experience than I do.  I guess it all depends on what they want to do with their program.  If they really want to grow the online program, I’m the best candidate because I have more online teaching experience than anyone in the department, period.  And I graduated with my graduate degree at the top of my class.  They are probably the only potential employers who might actually care about that.  Other than that… eh…

No idea when they will call for interviews.

It’s not the only option ever.  If it doesn’t work out, I’ll keep plugging along, and either way, I should have enough income from my books by sometime next year to drop one of the part time teaching jobs. The crappy one with the community college that has a standardized curriculum and doesn’t pay much.

There’s another university nearby that’s looking to seriously grow their online program, so I’ll keep an eye on them as they do their thing.  Once the guy who is heading it up actually comes IN (he’s taking over in July apparently), I’ll dash him an email to express interest in the program and ask some questions.

So yeah, I’m not freaking out, but I’m…I don’t know.  Disappointed isn’t the right word.  But I guess it’s less the sense of celebration-I’m-finally-getting-out-of-here music playing in my head and more the threat of the cage door clanging shut again.  Sigh.

In more positive news, I have reached 20 reviews on Forsaken By Shadow! Woo!!!!!  Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to do this.  I really appreciate it.  So, the contest for the gift card is officially CLOSED.  No new entries.  I’m going to go through today or tomorrow and pull all the entries and then pick a number using  I’ll announce the winner later this week.

4 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Congrats on reaching 20! And fingers crossed for the online teaching. A friend of mine here has been doing that for a while, and really enjoys it. I’m glad you have multiple options, anyway.

    1. It all really depends on what my department decides they want. If they want to move forward with the online thing, I’m their girl. I just have to play that up in interview whenever that happens. Whatever happens, will happen. Just trying to be positive…

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