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My brain is pretty spastic today.  Was up earlier than planned and now I’m struggling to get my words for the day in before I succumb to a nap.  The dogs have been walked (first time in months).  The yard people left about an hour ago (eternal thanks to my mother in law for getting us a summer yard service while hubby is down).  I’ve got bread dough rising, laundry going.  I need to vacuum and mop but haven’t yet worked up the enthusiasm.  The sofa cushion next to me is singing a really seductive song.  Lay down on me.  Cuddle the dog.  Sleep. Sleep.  Sleeeeeeeeeep.

My crit partner, Pot, wrote The End this morning on her current WIP.  She totally pulled a NaNo and plowed through this first draft in ONE MONTH.  I’m so proud of her!  She comes to visit next week, and I surmise there will be cookies, cake, and/or some form of chocolate involved in celebrating. There will also be much writing, brainstorming, and shenanigans.

Hubby had his latest doctor’s appointment Thursday.  He’s gotten permission for weight bearing to tolerance.  AKA he can use it until it hurts.  He can also start weaning himself out of the big ass air boot.  So he’s been all excited this weekend taking steps with the crutches and seeing how little he can use them.  We’re even going to see how he does driving (as without the boot, he can actually drive with his left foot).  So that’s pretty exciting.  We’ll talk to the physical therapist on Monday about the best approach toward getting him actually walking again.  We’re excited.  This is the first major step back toward normal since he went back to work.  Once he can drive himself around, that frees up a LOT of my time, and I can get back into a more regular exercise program in the mornings and will hopefully be more consistent with…everything.

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