This morning I was giving Pot a pep talk, justifying the two years she took off from writing (and from which she is now back with a vengeance and some serious Konrath-worthy word counts in terms of daily production).  And one of the things that came up was that as much as I LOVE romantic suspense (the traditional cop/FBI variety), since I made the switch back to paranormal at the tail end of 2008, I haven’t touched it.  Not reading or writing.  I’ve watched tons of it (because it’s a TV and movie genre my hubs and I both love), so I guess that’s where I’m getting my fix.

It just feels weird to me after spending so many years focused on it, that I don’t feel any kind of pull to go back to it.  I’m definitely including romantic suspense elements in my paranormals, but for the foreseeable (like next five years) future, I don’t see myself going back to it.  Which kinda sucks on one hand.  I have a handful of (potentially) really great RS plots that I would like to write someday.  Like the Now-I-Learned-What-I-Needed-To-About-Craft-To-Write-It-Right version of that first book I finished after grad school.  The one my husband still hasn’t forgiven me for “abandoning,” which I still see as a total train wreck.  But I can’t justify going back to this stuff without the I-Must-Write-This-Or-Die passion for it.  Not when there are so many other stories clamoring to be told.

And between breakfast and coming back to this post, my train of thought has totally derailed because they finally posted the instructor position. For which I applied, within half an hour.  So now I feel all nauseous and nervous.  Why I should feel all nauseous and nervous over just applying, I don’t know.  I guess it’s more of a “This is my shot at getting out of the shit job…gulp!  What if it doesn’t happen?” kind of nervous.  So…yeah.  All prayers, crossed appendages, and good karma vibes are much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. Thank you! I’ve had shit jobs before–and actually I LIKE my job–it’s my BOSS that I hate. She’s just incredibly stressful to work for.

    1. No idea. I expect it’ll be a week or two before interviews. And then no decisions will be formalized before the new fiscal year in July. They might wait as late as the end of July. So…yeah there’s going to be a lot of waiting. Thanks for the good karma!

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