Leap Day Check-In

I have been rocking the ROW this month.  No words on Sunday (playing catch up from my trip), 1180 on Monday, and 1285 last night.  I expect to get another 1k or so tonight, depending.  But as of this moment, I’m ending February at 20,688 words, up from 12,249 words in January.  75% increase.  WOOT!  My average wordcount has jumped from 721 in January to 985 in February.  And my total number of writing days went from 17 in January to 21 (probably 22 after tonight) in February.  Everything is on an upswing!  I also logged 8 plotting days this month on 5 different projects. 

AND yesterday I had an ENORMOUS breakthrough in one of my Mirus projects that sent me from sorta, kinda, something that might be a book someday to something resembling an actual PLOT.  There was flailing and dancing and my dogs were very disturbed.

I’m right at the 33% mark on DOTH, which makes me mucho happy.

It has been a good month.

Oh and today is my baby’s birthday.  She’s 4.  She’s so cute.


10 thoughts on “Leap Day Check-In

  1. Awww – what a sweetie! Happy birthday to your baby 🙂

    Congrats on a successful week – I did read there was an unidentified disturbance in the air – now I see it must have been a Mirus moment 🙂 Mystery solved.

    Enjoy this extra day and thanks again for ROW80!

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