Productive…Sort Of

This week has been–not as productive as I would like.  I had intentions of getting 1,500 words written on Revelation.  Instead I’ve gotten 131, only 119 of which are staying.  Instead I fully plotted out a book about murder (which, really, was a beneficial form of catharsis this week), came up with broad notion for New Shiny, finished copy edits on Forsaken By Shadow (which still need to be entered into the file, as I did them on a paper copy), researched formatting for Kindle and Smashwords, heard back from my final beta reader on FBS, and just before bed last night, I finally figured out why I couldn’t actually move forward with the scene I had planned for Revelation.

So it’s been a productive week, just not necessarily of the sort I originally planned.  I did realize that I can use all the time I’ll be putting toward prepping FBS for epub as time on NaNoEdMo.  It’s still a sort of editing–just not what they meant exactly.

I’m hoping to have my cover next week and the PDF of FBS prepped to register for copyright.  Then I can get started formatting for all the assorted e-versions.  Thankfully between me, a friend, and my CP, I can get the formatting checked on a Nook, a Sony, and a Kindle.

I’ll be blogging about the prep work–some how to posts about all the things you have to do to e-pub something yourself.

It’s getting closer to being real and actually happening, and I’m really excited.  I’ll finally have something FINISHED for people to read!  I really ought to start working on contacting fellow bloggers to see about setting up a blog tour for April to promote it.  30 days, 30 blogs.  Do I know that many people who like me enough to guest blog or interview me?  Probably.  I just need to think about it.  If you’re game to host me at some point in April, drop me a line in comments or email me at  I would be ever so grateful.

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