New Sooper Sekrit Project

I took yesterday afternoon off work because I was having a hideous allergy attack (this is the time of year I hate living in Mississippi).  After a nap, I had grand intentions of expanding the paragraph opening I managed in the morning on Revelation into a good chunk of a scene.  You know, that thing I’m supposed to be writing a “conservative” 1,500 words on this week.  Um, yeah.

Instead, Pot and I plotted (in the scheming sense) out a fascinating and fun new sooper sekrit project and started recruiting for it.  It will be a new and interesting way of marketing and is so long term (as in next year probably), I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it now.  Whatever interest I manage to whet will have dried right up by the time I get around to talking about it again.

Mostly I’m mentioning it as my latest excuse for having been a lazy bum and having only 106 words to show for the week so far.  BUT all is not lost.  I learned some new stuff about my hero that I didn’t know before.  I’ll work on it tonight.  I swear.

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