Open Letter To Sunsilk

Dear Sunsilk,

I loved your company.  You were the ONLY hair care line that had the genius idea to offer us a gel and cream TWIST for curly hair (because the cream is not enough on its own and the gel is too much).  You were the PERFECT curly hair product–and this comes from a woman with free access to every variety of salon quality hair care product known to man.  I picked YOU over all others.

Imagine my disappointment and outrage when I go to Walmart to restock and find that, not only have you changed your packaging, thus making it harder to find your product, you have apparently DISCONTINUED the gel and cream twist–which, of course, I can’t actually verify because your website is stuck in a coming soon mode without any actual information.

WHY do you do this to us?  Why do you give us the perfect product, then take it away?  I’ve had this happen so many times before with other companies.  Why must you join their ranks in suckitude?

I have been forced to turn to ebay.  EBAY, I tell you, where I just spent nearly $70 on a box of 12 gel and cream twists.  Perhaps in the two years it till take me to use that up, you will come to your senses.

Frizzily yours (until the new product arrives),

Kait Nolan

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