Post Super Bowl Blahs

Unarguably the worst thing about Super Bowl Sunday is Monday morning.  I have a serious case of the “Do I really have to go to work?”s.  I’m not hung over or anything (I was DD), but my whole body feels generally ugh from massive overindulgence on very rich food.  Skipping breakfast definitely, might even skip lunch.  So not hungry.  And I’m about to keel over with exhaustion because I didn’t get to bed until after 11–way past my bedtime on a work night.

The weekend was moderately productive.  With some judicious help from Pot I knocked out the end scene, leaving me with just the post love scene stuff to deal with.  I wrote half an exam.  I brainstormed on another series I plan to write.  The house got cleaned.  Groceries got bought.  Three kinds of dip got made (cream cheese sausage dip, hummus, and boursin).  I started reading three different books before finally settling on one to read (Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell).  And I learned that I’m really going to have to watch the impulse buys for the nook.  This is the real marketing appeal to ebooks.  Forget that they’re green and take up less space.  Dude, it’s the ultimate in instant gratification!  I can shop without leaving my sofa!

I’ll consider today accomplished if I manage to actually stay awake the full work day.

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