They’re Coming…

Every time I think I’m starting to get back into the groove of things, something happens to derail my dubious train of thought.  Lately, if it isn’t life itself, it’s new characters popping up.  The Sooper Seekrit Project is supposed to be a series of three YA novellas (possibly short novels) about my hero and […]

Back To Square Three & Linky Goodness

Okay, I’m not all the way back to square one.  I didn’t change EVERYTHING about Revelation. The heroine is still the same.  She still has the same mission, the same character arc to achieve.  But I had to change her name.  Because Finn and Orrin as a couple just sounded lame.  So now her name […]

If My Series Doesn’t Sell

I’ve talked a lot lately about my plans to self publish and use my novellas Forsaken By Shadow and Revelation to build a following for this pen name.  To acheive a little bit of name recognition among fans for the planned series I want to go along with it.  I’m comfortable with the fact that […]

I Dream of Cover Art

I need a full reset today.  The kind of hard reboot that is a good, long, afternoon nap.  So not going to happen, so I’m struggling to ditch my Mood (which was incited by a series of kitchen disasters and Button Pushing by one of my two main button pushers).  I feel the urge to […]

I Heart

I’ve been kinda stressing about what to do about my cover art for Forsaken By Shadow.  All the folks I found via were out of my price range, and I really had no good grasp of how to go about finding a student or someone wanting to expand their portfolio and work for cheap.  […]

Post Super Bowl Blahs

Unarguably the worst thing about Super Bowl Sunday is Monday morning.  I have a serious case of the “Do I really have to go to work?”s.  I’m not hung over or anything (I was DD), but my whole body feels generally ugh from massive overindulgence on very rich food.  Skipping breakfast definitely, might even skip […]

Anxiety and My Love of the Paranormal

I’m up early this morning, a victim of awful anxiety dreams.  Anxiety dreams are so much worse than nightmares.  With nightmares, you rocket up, heart pounding, body slick with a cold sweat.  But the panic fades as the adrenaline does, and then it’s over.  Unless you happen to fall asleep and land right back in […]

Needing A Change of Pace

I’m plowing my way through revisions on Forsaken By Shadow.  I’m pushing really hard in hopes that I can get it finished and out to beta readers by the weekend.  I took a little time out last night to play with my new nook, which arrived yesterday.  A more detailed post on that to come.  […]

Ah, Revisions

After spending most of yesterday twisting myself into an emotional pretzel and giving myself a headache with my freak out over what Pot would say about Forsaken By Shadow, I had a nice shiny critique in my inbox this morning (because she is awesome like that).  And all my freaking out was for naught.  With […]

Soothing Sunday

After the frigid, rainy ick of the last couple of days, this morning dawned chill and beautifully sunny.  If the dog park wouldn’t be a morass of mud, I’d take the girls for a romp.  But a walk will have to do.  Perhaps two, as I’m not sure I want to wait until my night-working […]