They’re Coming…

Every time I think I’m starting to get back into the groove of things, something happens to derail my dubious train of thought.  Lately, if it isn’t life itself, it’s new characters popping up.  The Sooper Seekrit Project is supposed to be a series of three YA novellas (possibly short novels) about my hero and heroine.  Then hero got a kind of bitchy and jealous twin sister.  And last night HER foil showed up.  He’s a total rake and lives to provoke her.  I suspect part of his purpose is to prove that she’s human.  And probably some comic relief.  But he’s being so damned LOUD he may wind up demanding his own story.  Maybe they’ll be a spinoff trilogy.  For now, he got a blog post with a pic and some details, and a firm order to SHUT UP so that I can work!

It’s getting NOISY in my head.  One of my twitter pals Patti O’Shea made a post about a similar problem yesterday.  She’s got 14 COUPLES jockying for position in HER head.  I suppose I should be grateful I only have 4.  Or rather 4 in addition to the ones who are supposed to be hanging out there.  Be nice of said 4 weren’t DROWNING OUT the voices of people who are supposed to be talking.

Orrin’s muttering and I’m trying really hard to hear what he has to say.  Something about wishing he hadn’t been a hero.  That he’d never been a hero before and if he hadn’t broken that streak, he’d be able to get HOME instead of being stuck in a different cage at the Council’s discretion.


I gotta go.

2 thoughts on “They’re Coming…

  1. Haha. Did you see my Stack O’ WIPs?

    That’s not even full volume because a lot of the bulk is on the computer. But at least they’re mostly being quiet now.

    I know the distraction doesn’t help with being productive, but look on the bright side—’tis a far, far better thing to have an abundance of ideas than to have none at all.

    1. To be clear, this isn’t all the ideas or characters I’ve got floating around (my WIP stack would rival yours 🙂 ) but these are the ones squawking the loudest.

      And yes, I absolutely agree that having too many ideas is better than none at all!

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